punishment against cybercrime

Posting scandalous or confusing things, uploading pictures or videos, posting confusing posts by opening someone’s named account, giving a status or sharing or liking may also cause cyber crime. There is no... Read more »

How to write engaging word to reach people all over the world???

An associated with the people experience fear when offer to speak in front of a group or number of people. What holds them back is the worry of appearing foolish at the... Read more »

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Cyber Crimes

Comparison of legal system of other countries on Cyber Crimes

Most of the countries are concern about cyber crimes. They want to lessen the crimes happening in the cyberspace. In Bangladesh we see that there are some laws to lessen these committing... Read more »

Die anytime anywhere forever in this world

You will die today! I repeat you will die today. You can ask me now ‘”How!” By laughing you can die. By crying you can die. By talking you can die. By... Read more »

Cyber Crime Impacts

Cyber Crime Impacts on Women and Girls As said before that women are the main targeting point for cyber crimes. They have to bear measurable situation for these types of activities of... Read more »

Trends in Cyber crimes

Being a global issues outlook is changing balancing with internet technology. We have made this technology for our well living but our creation is creating problems towards us for our misusing of... Read more »

Cyber Crime against Women

Cyber Crime According to associate law professor Quazi MH Supan,” Definition of most crimes committed in worldwide real space is gender neutral although a significant number of crimes are committed mostly against... Read more »

cyber crime gender based?

Cyberspace crime There is debate regarding cyberspace crime that whether it is gender based or not. It doesn’t make any difference between men and women. Those who are hackers think from where... Read more »

Causes of Cyber Crime

Some Causes of Cyber Crime Cyber World is created for the benefit of mankind. Human being is benefited for cyber world. But there are some miscreants who are creating the world risky... Read more »

What is cyber crime?

Cyber Crime Cybercrime is computer oriented crime. When a person commits crime using computer or Internet is called cyber crime. Cybercrime is a fast-growing area of crime. Criminals are using high brain... Read more »