good and bad impact of Facebook in Bangladesh

Good and Bad Impact of Facebook Facebook is a social communication system which is helpful for communicate with for living people. Now-a-days it has become more powerful like people of all over... Read more »

Free writing tool how to work???

Free writing tools I got a message online like this one—Makes sure everything you type is easy to read and mistake free. Some tools work well to write different things easily. These... Read more »

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Swasti is a safe food provider of Bangladesh

Ratan tata says, “Eat your food as your medicine otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food.” What are the poisons in our daily diet? Formalin fishes, Growth hormones and formalin... Read more »

Food in Bangladesh

It’s an article about Bangladeshi delicious food written by a little girl studying at Tejgoan Govt. Girls High School…It’s not edited. Delicious food in Bangladesh Bangladesh is a place of natural beauty.... Read more »

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

It’s an article about our unanimous leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman written by a little girl studying at Tejgoan Govt. Girls High School…It’s not edited. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman the leader of the nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was... Read more »

How to get higher domain authority

It’s important to have a domain authority for a website as well as page authority and Domain rating, etc to get higher SE rank. We all website owners use to get higher... Read more »

Women’s education in Bangladesh

women education Women are now-a-days as important as men in society. Bangladesh is an over-populated country and half of our populations are the women. So there can be no denying the fact... Read more »
women law cyber crimes

Cyber Crimes Committed Against Women in Bangladesh-Legal Responses

Cyber Crimes in Bangladesh Introduction There are many wonders of modern science. Internet and computer are the blessings of science. These were made for the welfare of mankind. In fact, they are... Read more »

Muslim Travel Planning visit to Saudi Arabia

Muslim Vacations by Muslims for Muslims…max your vacation time. We do the work for free to give you the exact information what you’re searching online. Visit Saudi Arabia: Discover sights and other... Read more »

Aliens are monitoring every step of human life

Aliens monitoring human??? Aliens are monitoring every step of life in the world but mainly human life. Human life is more likely alien. Many years ago man was come to this earth... Read more »