Dog Breed Info

The dog belongs to the genus Carnivora. About 15,000 years ago, evidence was found that a type of wolf assisted in the hunting of humans. However, according to experts info, dog breeds came close to humans 100,000 years ago.

According to many sources, the time of domestication of dog breeds is considered to be more recent. Wolves and foxes are very close breeds of dog (Dogs and wolves are actually the same). However, after being domesticated, many different breeds of dogs have been created. There are dogs (such as Chihuahua) that are only a few inches tall. There are also dogs three feet tall (such as the Irish wolfhound). Some dog breeds are dangerous and some are cute child friendly adorable dogs.

Dog breed Groups

Dogs have been scientifically bred for hundreds of years. New dogs of the same breeds or a combination of different breeds have been bred for many years. This is an ongoing process; Variations and characteristics of wide-sized, varieties are observed. The following list gives the names of different breeds of dogs worldwide.

Dogs can be divided into several groups, such as:

  • Mate dogs
  • Guard dogs
  • Hunting dogs
  • Working Dogs
  • Hybrid Dogs
  • Mixed Breed Dogs

Complete Dog breeds list a to z

Dog names start with a

Dog names start with ‘A’ total 37 breeds in the world. This dog breed info will help you to find specific dog name correctly.


1. Afador

2. Affenhuahua

3. Affenpinscher

4. Afghan Hound

5. Airedale Terrier

6. Akbash

7. Akita

8. Akita Chow

9. Akita Pit

10. Akita Shepherd

11. Alaskan Klee Kai

12. Alaskan Malamute

13. American Bulldog

14. American English Coonhound

15. American Eskimo

16. American Foxhound

17. American Hairless Terrier

18. American Leopard Hound

19. American Pit Bull Terrier


20. American Pugabull

21. American Staffordshire Terrier

22. American Water Spaniel

23. Anatolian Shepherd Dog

24. Appenzeller Sennenhunde

25. Auggie

26. Aussiedoodle

27. Aussiepom

28. Australian Cattle Dog

29. Australian Kelpie

30. Australian Retriever

31. Australian Shepherd

32. Australian Shepherd Husky

33. Australian Shepherd Lab Mix

34. Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix

35. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

36. Australian Terrier

37. Azawakh

Dog names start with b

64 dog breeds name are started with the letter ‘B’. In this dog breed info blog you’ll get most of the breeds name one by one.


38. Barbet

39. Basenji

40. Bassador

41. Basset Fauve de Bretagne

42. Basset Hound

43. Basset Retriever

44. Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound

45. Beabull

46. Beagle

47. Beaglier

48. Bearded Collie

49. Bedlington Terrier

50. Belgian Malinois

51. Belgian Sheepdog

52. Belgian Tervuren

53. Bergamasco Sheepdog

54. Berger Picard

55. Bernedoodle

56. Bernese Mountain

57. Bichon Frise

58. Biewer Terrier

59. Black and Tan Coonhound

60. Black Mouth Cur

61. Black Russian Terrier

62. Bloodhound

63. Blue Lacy

64. Bluetick Coonhound

65. Bocker

66. Boerboel

67. Boglen Terrier

68. Bohemian Shepherd

69. Bolognese

70. Borador


71. Border Collie

72. Border Sheepdog

73. Border Terrier

74. Bordoodle

75. Borzoi

76. BoShih

77. Bossie

78. Boston Boxer

79. Boston Terrier

80. Boston Terrier Pekingese Mix

81. Bouvier des Flandres

82. Boxador

83. Boxer

84. Boxerdoodle

85. Boxmatian

86. Boxweiler

87. Boykin Spaniel

88. Bracco Italiano

89. Braque du Bourbonnais

90. Briard

91. Brittany

92. Broholmer

93. Brussels Griffon

94. Bugg

95. Bull-Pei

96. Bull Terrier

97. Bullador

98. Bullboxer Pit

99. Bulldog

100. Bullmastiff

101. Bullmatian

Dog names start with c

46 dog breeds name are started with the letter ‘C’ till now. In this dog breed info blog you’ll find most of the dog breeds name one by one.


102. Cairn Terrier

103. Canaan Dog

104. Cane Corso

105. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

106. Carolina Dog

107. Catahoula Bulldog

108. Catahoula Leopard

109. Caucasian Shepherd

110. Cav-a-Jack

111. Cavachon

112. Cavador

113. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

114. Cavapoo

115. Central Asian Shepherd Dog

116. Cesky Terrier

117. Chabrador

118. Cheagle

119. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

120. Chi Chi

121. Chi-Poo

122. Chigi

123. Chihuahua

124. Chilier


125. Chinese Crested

126. Chinese Shar-Pei

127. Chinook

128. Chion

129. Chipin

130. Chiweenie

131. Chorkie

132. Chow Chow

133. Chow Shepherd

134. Chug

135. Chusky

136. Cirneco dell’Etna

137. Clumber Spaniel

138. Cockalier

139. Cockapoo

140. Cocker Spaniel

141. Collie

142. Corgi Inu

143. Corgidor

144. Corman Shepherd

145. Coton de Tulear

146. Croatian Sheepdog

147. Curly-Coated Retriever

Dog names start with d

So far a total of 10 dog breed names have been started with the letter ‘D’. In this dog breed info blog you will find all the possible breeds in the world that are currently available on the planet.

Dalmatian dog breed

148. Dachsador

149. Dachshund

150. Dalmatian

151. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

152. Daniff

153. Danish-Swedish Farmdog

154. Deutscher Wachtelhund

155. Doberdor

156. Doberman Pinscher

157. Docker


158. Dogo Argentino

159. Dogue de Bordeaux

160. Dorgi

161. Dorkie

162. Doxiepoo

163. Doxle

164. Drentsche Patrijshond

165. Drever

166. Dutch Shepherd

Dog names start with e

The names of 8 dog breeds start with the letter ‘E’. This blog will show step by step information of all breeds of dogs.

167. English Cocker Spaniel

168. English Foxhound

169. English Setter

170. English Springer Spaniel

171. English Toy Spaniel

172. Entlebucher Mountain

173. Estrela Mountain Dog

174. Eurasier

Dog names start with f

The names of 11 dog breeds begin with the letter ‘F’. Of the 11 breeds, the Fox Terrier and the French Bulldog are the most popular breeds in the world.

175. Field Spaniel

176. Fila Brasileiro

177. Finnish Lapphund

178. Finnish Spitz

179. Flat-Coated Retriever

180. Fox Terrier

181. French Bulldog

182. French Bullhuahua

183. French Spaniel

184. Frenchton

185. Frengle

Dog names start with g

German Shepherd dog

186. German Longhaired Pointer

187. German Pinscher

188. German Shepherd

189. German Shepherd Pit Bull

190. German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

191. German Sheprador

192. German Shorthaired Pointer

193. German Spitz

194. German Wirehaired Pointer

195. Giant Schnauzer

196. Glen of Imaal Terrier

197. Goberian

198. Goldador

Great Dane

199. Golden Cocker Retriever

200. Golden Mountain Dog

201. Golden Retriever

202. Golden Retriever Corgi

203. Golden Shepherd

204. Goldendoodle

205. Gollie

206. Gordon Setter

207. Great Dane

208. Great Pyrenees

209. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

210. Greyador

211. Greyhound

Dog names start with h

212. Hamiltonstovare

213. Hanoverian Scenthound

214. Harrier

215. Havanese

216. Hokkaido

217. Horgi

218. Hovawart

219. Huskita

220. Huskydoodle

Dog names start with i

221. Ibizan Hound

222. Icelandic Sheepdog

223. Irish Red And White Setter

224. Irish Setter

225. Irish Terrier

226. Irish Water Spaniel

227. Irish Wolfhound

228. Italian Greyhound

Dog names start with j

229. Jack-A-Poo

230. Jack Chi

231. Jack Russell Terrier

232. Jackshund

233. Japanese Chin

234. Japanese Spitz

Dog names start with k

235. Korean Jindo Dog

236. Kai Ken

237. Karelian Bear

238. Keeshond

239. Kerry Blue Terrier

240. King Shepherd

241. Kishu Ken

242. Komondor

243. Kooikerhondje

244. Kuvasz

245. Kyi-Leo

Dog names start with l

Labrador Retriever

246. Lab Pointer

247. Labernese

248. Labmaraner

249. Labrabull

250. Labradane

251. Labradoodle

252. Labrador Retriever

253. Labrastaff

Lakeland Terrier dog

254. Labsky

255. Lagotto Romagnolo

256. Lakeland Terrier

257. Lancashire Heeler

258. Leonberger

259. Lhasa Apso

260. Lhasapoo

261. Lowchen

Dog names start with m

262. Maltese

263. Maltese Shih Tzu

264. Maltipoo

265. Manchester Terrier

266. Maremma Sheepdog

267. Mastador

268. Mastiff

269. Miniature Pinscher

270. Miniature Schnauzer

271. Morkie

272. Mountain Cur

273. Mudi

274. Mutt (Mixed)

Dog names start with n


275. Neapolitan Mastiff

276. Newfoundland

277. Norfolk Terrier

278. Northern Inuit

279. Norwegian Buhund

Norwich Terrier dog breed

280. Norwegian Elkhound

281. Norwegian Lundehund

282. Norwich Terrier

283. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Dog names start with o

There are still 2 dog breed names starting with the letter ‘O’. The second name between Old English Sheepdog and the Otterhound is one of the most popular breed in the world.

284. Old English Sheepdog

285. Otterhound

Dog names start with p

The names of 32 dog breeds start with the letter ‘P’. Among them Pomeranian, Pointer and Pug dog breeds are very popular breeds on this planet.

Papillon dog

286. Papillon

287. Papipoo

288. Patterdale Terrier

289. Peekapoo

290. Pekingese

291. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

292. Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

293. Pharaoh Hound

294. Pitsky

295. Plott

296. Pocket Beagle

297. Pointer

298. Polish Lowland Sheepdog

299. Pomapoo

300. Pomchi

301. Pomeagle


302. Pomeranian

303. Pomsky

304. Poochon

305. Poodle

306. Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

307. Portuguese Pointer

308. Portuguese Sheepdog

309. Portuguese Water Dog

310. Pug

311. Pugalier

312. Puggle

313. Puginese

314. Puli

315. Pyredoodle

316. Pyrenean Mastiff

317. Pyrenean Shepherd

Dog names start with r

The names of 6 dog breeds start with the letter ‘R’. Rhodesian Ridgeback is one of the popular dog breeds in this ‘R’ group dogs.

318. Rat Terrier

319. Redbone Coonhound

320. Rhodesian Ridgeback

321. Rottador

322. Rottle

323. Rottweiler

Dog names start with s

The names of 38 dog breeds start with the letter ‘S’. Among them Saint Bernard dog breed is the one of the best breeds on this planet.

Saint Bernard

324. Saint Berdoodle

325. Saint Bernard

326. Saluki

327. Samoyed

328. Samusky

329. Schipperke

330. Schnoodle

331. Scottish Deerhound

332. Scottish Terrier

333. Sealyham Terrier

334. Sheepadoodle

335. Shepsky

336. Shetland Sheepdog

337. Shiba Inu

338. Shichon

339. Shih-Poo

340. Shih Tzu

341. Shiloh Shepherd

342. Shiranian

Siberian Husky

343. Shollie

344. Shorkie

345. Siberian Husky

346. Silken Windhound

347. Silky Terrier

348. Skye Terrier

349. Sloughi

350. Small Munsterlander Pointer

351. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

352. Spanish Mastiff

353. Spinone Italiano

354. Springador

355. Stabyhoun

356. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

357. Staffy Bull Bullmastiff

358. Standard Schnauzer

359. Sussex Spaniel

360. Swedish Lapphund

361. Swedish Vallhund

Dog names start with t

The names of 10 dog breeds start with the letter ‘T’.

Tibetan Mastiff

362. Taiwan Dog

363. Terripoo

364. Texas Heeler

365. Tibetan Mastiff

366. Tibetan Spaniel

dog breed Hound

367. Tibetan Terrier

368. Toy Fox Terrier

369. Transylvanian Hound

370. Treeing Tennessee Brindle

371. Treeing Walker Coonhound

Dog names start with v

There are still 2 dog breed names starting with the letter ‘V’. Though the first name between Valley Bulldog and the Vizsla is one of the popular breed in the world.

372. Valley Bulldog

373. Vizsla

Dog names start with w

The names of 8 dog breeds start with the letter ‘W’. This blog piece will show all dog breeds info step by step.

374. Weimaraner

375. Welsh Springer Spaniel

376. Welsh Terrier

377. West Highland White Terrier

378. Westiepoo

379. Whippet

380. Whoodle

381. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Dog names start with x

Only a dog’s name starts with the letter ‘X’. Xoloitzcuintli ‘Xolo’ is one of the oldest and rarest dogs in the world. It also has a great history. It is an ancient dog breed on this planet.

382. Xoloitzcuintli

Dog names start with y

There are still 2 dog breed names starting with the letter ‘Y’. The second name between Yorkipoo and the Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breed in the world.

383. Yorkipoo

384. Yorkshire Terrier

1. Afador facts

Afador dog breed information
The Afador

The Afador is a mixed dog, which come of an Afghan Hound and a Labrador Retriever that originated in Alaska. It is a rare dog breed. The breeders are working on stabilizing the breed’s characteristic and appearance. The body shape looks mostly like a Labrador while the head expresses an Afghan Hound. These are medium sized dogs, with long, fine hair and short, silky hair on the face. Both varieties of Afador have good traits and they are patient, affectionate, loyal, unbending and courageous. Since they are hybrids, they are not able to join the American Kennel Club Roster of Authentic Varieties.

38. Barbet facts

Barbet-dog facts

The Barbet is a medium-sized, rare, rustic French water dog breed. They are known for their dense curly coat. It is believe that this breed is originated from France in 16th century.

After World War II, the barbet breed became almost extinct, but a few dedicated breeders helped save the breed. The breed was avowed by the American Kennel Club on January 1, 2020.

Fun fact: The word “barbet” is pronounced as “bar-bay” and it comes from the French word “barbe“, meaning beard, because of the dog’s bearded face.

Although these are a rare species, the appearance of these dogs is certainly one of the best. They stand proud and strong, even though they are seen playing in the mud. Usually they are a friendly and fun-loving breed. Barbet is a great choice if you are looking for a new child friendly and family pet dog.

104. Cane Corso facts


At nearly 28 inches at the shoulder and often weighing more than 100 pounds the Cane Corso is an Italian breed of mastiff. It is used for family and personal protection, tracking, law enforcement, as a guard dog. They are intelligent, loyal, eager to please, versatile, and intensely loyal to their owners.

The Cane Corso is a large dog. This breed is closely connected to the Neapolitan Mastiff. It is well muscled and less bulky than most other mastiff dogs. Generally Cane Corso has two basic coat colors: black and fawn. There are more different colors breed though. A study of 232 Cane Corso dogs across 25 countries found an average lifespan result of 9.3 years, varying with different coat colours. This breed is more reliable than any big dog.

155. Doberdor dog info

Doberdor facts

The Doberdor is a mixed breed of dog that came through a cross between the Doberman Pinscher and the Labrador Retriever dog breed. This breed of dog is intelligent, protective and loyal to its owner. These puppies have inherited something good from both their parents. Doberdors are sometimes also known as Labraman.

This breed is a perfect family companion. This large breed of dog has a very strong, gentle appearance…specially, if they’re genetically more likely to have Doberman traits. Doberdors weight most in at 60 to 100 pounds and their range in height from 24 to 28 inches. These hybrids require a lot of physical activity and are suitable for families with more active lifestyles.

173. Estrela Mountain Dog info


The Estrela Mountain Dog is a big size loving and protective dog breed from the Estrela Mountains of Portugal. The dog is an absolutely amazing breed in the world and “one of the oldest breeds in the Iberian Peninsula.

Their Weight is around 45 to 60 kg and height 63 to 75 cm. Estrelas are renowned for their loyalty. They are courageous and loving companion for human; their characteristics make them the most demandable breeds in the world. This mysterious breed will protect your cattle, your family, your children and your home to the best of their ability. These are gentle to nature to humans and act as a protective force when needed.

180. Fox terrier dog info

Fox terriers were taken in 19th century England, where they landed gently for fox hunting. This breeds had to deploy to hunt rats, going to the ground as needed. Fox terriers are strong and persevering though.

Fox terrier info
Fox Terrier

There are two types of fox terriers, wire and smooth. Although, at the bottom, their looks are different, they share similar profiles, personalities and innate behaviors. This breed weight is at about 18 pounds and 15 inches in height. The breed from England is ideally shaped for the home, and its dilapidated nature is also suitable outside.

Fox Terriers are loyal family dogs who love to play all time. With their strong drive, curiosity and friendly nature, they are incredibly fun pets for everyone. Be aware, however, that their distinctive character sometimes makes training challenging.

188. German Shepherd dog info


It is known that the German Shepherd breed is made from the wolf species. The breed of this dog was formerly called the German Sheep Dog. From this came the word German Shepherd. The German Shepherd is said to have been created from the Best of the Ship Dog, an organization in the late 1800s. The main purpose of creating this breed was to use this breed as an assistant to the sheep herders.

German Shepherd is a dog of calm nature. They are intelligent, confident and very good natured. But they are more cautious and hardworking than other breeds of dogs. That’s why the German Shepherd is considered one of the most popular dogs in the world by dog lovers.

An adult German Shepherd weighs between 35 and 45 kg. The German Shepherd has an average height of 26.5″-31.0″ or 67-79 cm. This breed is able to adapt to all situations. Its body is strong enough and mental strength is also quite noticeable.

If the rules are taught properly, they can easily learn them. Since they are very efficient dogs, it is better not to keep them tied up at home all the time. They need regular exercise. This breed has the ability to blend in with everyone very easily. They love to play with kids. They do not feel annoyed by the childish mischief of children as their endurance is very high.

214. Harrier dog info


The Harrier dog is very active, friendly, outgoing and people-oriented, the perfect companion for a family. This medium-sized dog from the Hound Group is one of the rarest breeds in the American Kennel Club, ranking 183rd in popularity.

If you’ve ever seen a Harrier dog, you might have mistaken him for a large-sized beagle because they share so many physical qualities. Harrier varieties were popular in medieval England and later in the United States during colonial times. This breed height is about 19 to 21 inches and weigh between 25 and 27 kgs. The Harrier is a healthy and active dog breed with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

225. Irish terrier dog info

Irish terrier facts
Irish terrier

The Irish terriers differ from other long-legged terriers in that they have a more residea class which makes them more suitable for activities such as agility. They have a ware coat, like many terriers, which require stripping. Irish Terrier is a good dog breed from Ireland. The breed is one of many breeds of terrier. The Irish Terrier is one of the oldest terrier breeds in the world. The Dublin dog show in 1873 was the first to issue a separate class for Irish Terriers.

The Irish Terrier loves to live independently. This breed of dog loves people and can adapt well to the children of the family. This fearless terrier tends to be intelligent and stubborn in nature. They need regular training and a long fence. They want to play all the time, play and chase a few rats and squirrels.

The average weight for male Irish terrier is 27 pounds and females weight about 25 pounds. The Irish terrier height at the shoulder is 18 to 20 inches. The Irish Terrier lifespan is 13 – 15 years.

285. Otterhound dog info


No precise information is available on the source of the Otterhound. It is only known that the dog was first spotted in the twelve century. The Otterhound breed, which is considered to be the homeland of England, has enjoyed interest from the royal court for centuries. The name of the breed translates as “Otter Hound”.

Elizabeth I and other people of royal blood could not have imagined going hunting without this wonderful creature. These include the dog’s talent, speed and insight, and the subtlety of the scent. This feature enables dogs to identify otter trails even 8 hours after they arrive at the scene.

Otterhound size and height: Males are approximately 27 inches tall and weigh average 115 pounds. Females are approximately 24 inches and weigh average 80 pounds. Lifespan is 10-13 years. The character of this breed is hardworking, friendly, balanced. They are used as hunters.

One of the strange abilities of the dog is its ability to hunt in water and even under water. Otter no doubt, but after a few hours of running, the dog will catch his target. In the middle Ages, this breed was widely spread as a hunter. It proved to be extremely popular.

In the mid-nineteenth century, the British government banned the otters. Fortunately, fans of the breed began breeding dogs. Through their efforts, this breed was saved and grew. Otterhounds are popular in the world today.

372.Valley Bulldog info

Valley-Bulldog facts
The Valley-Bulldog

The Valley Bulldog is also called as the Bull Boxer. This breed is not a purebred dog though. A cross between the English Bull Dog and the Boxer this dog is bred. With a wrinkled face and a sturdy, muscular appearance, they have all the characteristics of a bull dog. This breed of dog can be very calm and gentle. They suddenly acted really silly and funny and made the surroundings funny. It likes to have fun around and loves to be around the owners too.

Valley Bulldog Height: Female: 36–46 cm and Male: 38–46 cm. This Bulldog Weight Female: 18–30 kg and Male: 23–36 kg. Valley Bulldog lifespan is 10 to 12 years.

382. Xoloitzcuintli dog info


There are many reasons to consider size, temperament, cost, lifestyle, space and more when welcoming a new dog into your home. The biggest decision facing future pet owners is to choose the type of dog they choose. Yes, dogs make loving and great companions but there are a few more things to keep in mind. Will this dog breed play well with my kids? Will it be matched with another dog or animal in the house? Does this dog breed need a lot of practice?

Dogs, like humans, have distinct personalities, which makes it even more important than before to decide what kind of breed you want to bring to your life.

Take a look the Xoloitzcuintli feature. The Xoloitzcuintli is also called the Mexican hairless or just Xolo (pronounced “show-low”). Xolo is one of the oldest and rarest dogs in the world with a deep history and stored past. The 3,000-year-old (some even say 4,000-year-old!) is an ancient Aztec dog.

Xolos come in three sizes: Toy (at least 10 through 14 inches height), Miniature (height: 14 through 18 inches) or Standard size (height: 18 through 23 inches). Their weight ranges from 10 to 50 pounds.

384. Yorkshire Terrier facts


The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States and the sixth most popular in the world. Although technically categorized into play groups, they mostly take on terrier traits, especially in personality.

They tend to be very vocal, defensive and loyal. Despite their small size, they are known as excellent guard dogs. They are childish hearts; Yorkies tend to be around all the time to get the love of their loved ones.

Their size: 5 to 7 pounds and life expectancy: 13 to 16 years. Coats and colors: Standard color combinations are black and gold, blue and gold, and blue and tan. Aquarius cannot display their final coat color until they are 3 years old. Yorkshire Terriers have a long, simple, and silky coat. This breed is one of best child friendly family dog.