l death note for all

I the people of this planet come for receiving my last breath with cool dead. Here I am giving my death note. In this note I will clear my vission and mission to get my confidence back. “I death note” may be a mysterious matter for you, but this is the reality of life.

Life vs death interrelationship

There are nothing proofs why I have come in this world. My trying to get more money, more honor, more power will be continue untill death. This is the reality for each people. Every we want money, sex, honor, power to dominate others in this world. My thinking is like that to achieving more.

I always think for zero. There will some hope within zero though. Within zero all things will come one by one. I think my zero thinking will come by my DEATH. By death I will get a big zero to calm my body on the soil.

In my “I death note” I do not write anything against my people who want to love me or who love me. I just want to say clearly that by death I will get a clear note for the next step if there is another path exist.

I love my life, it is true. But I am trying to love my true death more than my life when I understood that there is nothing but death waiting for the next step.

Peaceful mind want more peace with my peaceful death.

Be happy with your lovely death than your life. Thanks.

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