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Thailand tourism budget tour- According to the Economist, for low cost traveling the demand for Thailand is the highest among all the amazing travel spots countries for travelers. Countries like low cost and short return visits are not very close to us. But Thailand is a place for us like a heaven!

Let’s come back to the round about- Where to go-What will you have-Where to stay?

First off from Bangkok Golden Valley airport, firstly get some dollars in Thai coins or Thai baht so that you can go to Bangkok city from the airport. If you want to save money, there is a city train inside the airport. This train service is Beautiful, nimble, comfortable and cheap! You can reach anywhere in around 100 Thai bahts in the city. If you want to go a little more comfortable way, take a cab outside the airport. It can take 400-500 bahts. Buy a SIM card from there before leaving the airport. This SIM card will be useful for you in your whole trip.

Thailand attractions- thailand bangkok pattaya phuket tour package

It takes only 2 hours to travel from Bangkok to Pataya. Pataya is absolutely amazing places for people of the whole world. The place to visit is Coral Island; Ripley’s believe it or not Thailand pattaya, Walking Street, Floating Market, etc.

There are all types of restaurants in the beach road for eating. Even authentic Bengali restaurants can also be found. There you have to walk more time in Patayas, so every steps of the road there is many massage shop you’ll see. Many Ladies will offer you in front of the shop with different types of massage charts, so if you do not do anything else, you can see the foot massage. I think you’ll enjoy it very much. About 160-200 bahts per hour it’ll cost. Here you will also find Tiger Park. There is also a shooting park for shooting practice!

Thailand-Island- Thailand tourism budget tour

Where it is last of walking street, you can get ferry from there. Ship leaves to Koral Island; rent only 30-40 bahts. Every two hours later, these ships go to Coral Island and from there returned to Pataya. So you can spend as long as possible in the coral. There are 2 or 3 beaches in the whole coral, where you can visit around with a bike with 20-30 Thai bahts. You’ll get some good local shops and food. So it is only one of the essential activities to take away the lunch in Coral.

Happy time in the Bankok

Spend your happy time in the Bankok when the end of Pataya travelling. When the Bangladeshis come here, most of them stay thailand sukhumvit ambassador hotel. sukhumvit room rent 500 to 5 thousand bahts. In the case of budget tourists, it is better to book the hotel in advance. There are various arrangements for tourists in Bangkok. Ocean world, safari world, Floating Market, madame tussauds! As well as not going to the Grand Plaza, your shopping experience will be incomplete.

Night Bangkok is a different kind. Primitive and modern! Mysterious and beautiful! People say- Bangkok sleep all day long. Bangkok awoke at night. The night, however, out of the hotel will roam the streets. You’ll watch the day’s solitary pavement will be flourished with night street DJ, crowd of ladies, crowds of variegated people, crowded with loud music in the liquor shops.

If you have time, come to Thailand’s famous old capital famous snake farm bangkok. On the same day, you can visit Chinatown, Siam Discovery Shopping Mall, 150-year-old Rama 5 residence, Vimanmek Mansion, Chatuchak Park, Subway and Thailand’s tallest building Baikki Sky Hotel. And with continuous concert, DJ party, Caribbean Hola – all this is always going on!


Phuket Tour

After end of the Bangkok visit fly directly in Phuket. People usually make this place a little bit priority to make honeymoon. Why people give more priority, you’ll get it when you’ll go there. The most popular place to stay in Phuket is Patong beach area. Step down to Phuket airport and rent a car for the Patong beach area. On the way from Phuket Airport to Patung, your car driver will definitely stand in front of some travel agency office. It’s their one kind of business.

Travel agencies here offer different packages – for phi phi, krabi, James Bond Island, etc. You can choose a package including these items as like from the hotel to the port, go to phi phi Island, lunch at phi phi island, Snorkeling one hour, ship next to Phuket, and drop the airport from the port. Better to say – not only the package, but also you will do bargaining more about prices before purchasing any things in any travel area of ​​Thailand. They do not want the price of the sky like Chinese, but their rate is not so low!

In the night, there are parties on the beach, and open to all. Go there. See different culture people. You will see the flashing light. Enjoy

Everything is ending. This journey will end. Come back to this wonderful life with these beautiful memories – what is the harm! Come on! 

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