Dae Jones Biography: American rapper, singer

Name: Sade Grant, known as Dae Jones, is an American Hip hop rapper. She has signed to Island Records. Jones is famous for her singles “Bad Bitch”, “Waves” and “Cash App”. She... Read more »

What to do to prevent chapped lips naturally in winter

Cold, hot and rainy – nature is changing from time to time. Your skin is the first to understand this change in nature. Because at this time various skin problems start. Sometimes... Read more »

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Cat origin of domestication – cat breeds a-z

Cat is currently the most popular pet in the world after dog. The cat is a very comfortable animal. Many people keep cats to kill rats. Cats can move very quietly because... Read more »

5 Part time job Good income | Work from home | freelance

You study in college or school? If you run a Part time job or business, some of the extra money may come for your education and handouts. So in this article I... Read more »
Weight loss drinks helps a Woman

11 Top Weight loss drinks – detox water

Weight loss drinks- Some drinks are effective for rapid weight loss. Detox water is one of the best for chronic weight loss. It is the most popular drink. It not only helps... Read more »

Wangari Maathai-Greta Thunberg green war

In February last year, NASA announced that the current Earth is greener than it was 20 to 21 years ago! NASA provided the data comparing satellite images from two decades ago last... Read more »

Corona Vaccine Delivery: US Department of Transportation

The U.S. Department of Transportation is preparing to make the covid vaccine available to the public as soon as it is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They said... Read more »

Shah Rukh Buys the LA Franchise In US Cricket

After the IPL, Kolkata Knight Riders will be seen in the US franchise cricket league this time. Shah Rukh Khan Buys a team in Major League Cricket in the United States. The... Read more »

mRNA vaccine against Coronavirus could be ready soon

The two vaccines that are currently leading the race for the Coronavirus vaccine are the mRNA vaccines. mRNA is the messenger RNA. This m-RNA, which is essential for the functioning of cells,... Read more »

Chinese App Tuber gives opportunity: avoid (Great Firewall)

An app has arrived in China that will allow Chinese users to view some content from the Western world, avoiding the Great Firewall. The app was launched by China’s largest cybersecurity company... Read more »

Astronomy Apps (Sky Map) for iOS and Android

Is it possible to identify all the stars in the sky? Yes, possible. There is a map of the earth. As well as there is also a map of the sky. In... Read more »

Uncontrolled advances in science and technology

As is often seen in science fiction, automated technology has become increasingly risky for human civilization. But in the end, will nanotechnology, biological weapons, and computers be the cause of human destruction?... Read more »

Baby with coronavirus antibodies in Singapore

A woman was infected with the coronavirus in Singapore last March. She was pregnant then. The woman recently gave birth a baby with coronavirus antibodies. Doctors have tested that the newborn came... Read more »