Healthy food near me

Healthy food near me

A wide variety of nutritious foods are essential for good health. Good food strengthens the body and helps in learning and thinking well. Surely good food protects us from infections and other health problems. Even food helps the muscles and various organs inside our body to function properly. A variety of foods make our skin, hair and teeth beautiful and strong.

It is important to remember that not all foods make us healthy. We currently rely heavily on factory-made food. These process foods contain extra salt, fat, and sugar to make the food delicious. These over-processed foods can cause health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Staying healthy depends on eating enough and a variety of good foods. This blog page has been created in an attempt to present good food to people all over the world with accurate information and details. You can also send us details of good food in your area if you want. Contact us to add your food article to this page via our guest posting offer link.

Read before eating

  1. Reduce eating foods like pizza, burgers, high fat dairy foods, creamy sauces that contain saturated fat.
  2. Eat foods that are low in sodium. Read food labels to see nutritional information.
  3. Add fiber-rich foods like beans, fruits, vegetables and whole grains to your diet to meet your fiber needs.

We will first discuss some of the good foods that we can easily get from our surroundings.

1. Best mixed Vegetable curry


Tell me who likes to cook the same every day! It is also unhealthy to eat one kind of food daily. It is also important to eat a light meal in addition to the daily heavy fish and meat. One such recipe is this mixed vegetable curry. This dish will bring a variation in your daily diet.

This dish can be made with any vegetable in the house. It can be eaten with rice, as well as with bread in the morning or at night is very tasty. Interestingly it will take a little time and material to make this delicious, healthy mixed vegetable curry.

It can be cooked and kept in the fridge for several days. This recipe is good one for those who are looking for diet food to lose weight. You can eat this mixed vegetable curry with two, three breads at night.

Ingredients for vegetable curry:

  1. 2 cups of cauliflower, broccoli, potato pieces, peas
  2. 2 tablespoons onion paste
  3. Ginger-garlic paste 1 tbsp
  4. 7-8 whole garlic cloves
  5. Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder
  6. 1 teaspoon of chilli powder
  7. 1 teaspoon of coriander powder
  8. Salt as taste
  9. 2 tablespoons of oil


  1. When the oil is hot in the pot, add onion paste, ginger-garlic paste, all the powdered spices and Fenugreek. It would be better to mix it with a little water.
  2. Now put all the vegetables in it. Stir in 2 cups of hot water; add salt to taste, cook with whole garlic cloves and a few finely chopped coriander leaves for 12 to 15 minutes.
  3. Take it down and serve hot with rice or bread. If you want to keep it in the fridge, store it in an air tight box.

Healthy breakfast recipe

2. Mixed Fruit Oats Smoothie Recipe


Preparation time: 5 minutes


  1. 2 tablespoons yogurt
  2. 1/2 cup fresh pomegranate
  3. 1½ cups Low fat milk
  4. 1 banana
  5. 1/2 cups of rolled oats
  6. 1 tablespoon chia seeds, to serve


  1. Blend with banana, milk, pomegranate, yogurt and oats until smooth.
  2. Pour the smoothie into two glasses.
  3. Spread chia seeds on top before serving.

3. Radish, cucumber, tomato, seed salad Recipe


Preparation time: 15 – 30 minutes


  1. 4 radishes
  2. 1/2 cucumber
  3. 3 tomatoes
  4. 1 cup boiled gram
  5. 1/4 cup crushed parsley, coriander leaves or mint leaves
  6. 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  7. 1 Tbsp Lemon Zest (Lemon Peel)
  8. 2 tablespoons oil


  1. Wash the vegetables well before cutting.
  2. Cut the radish, cucumber, tomatoes into pieces. Then add all the vegetables; add boiled beans or lentils and mix.
  3. Add crushed parsley, coriander leaves or mint leaves.
  4. Now add lemon juice, lemon zest and 2 tablespoons oil.
  5. Mix them in a large bowl. Refrigerate until served.

4. Healthy Chicken Soup Recipe

Healthy chicken soup
Healthy chicken soup

There is no pair of hot soup in a bowl smoked in the evening. You can easily make delicious and healthy chicken soup with eggs and chicken. As delicious as it is to eat, it is also unique in terms of nutrition. This is one of the healthiest good food in the world.

Preparation time: 25 – 30 minutes


  1. Chicken breast – 250 g
  2. Eggs – 1
  3. Corn Flower – 3 tsp
  4. Pepper powder – half a teaspoon
  5. Ginger-garlic paste- 1 teaspoon
  6. Salt- to taste
  7. Soybean oil – 1 teaspoon
  8. Carrots – 1/3 cup (cut into cubes)
  9. Chili sauce – 2 tbsp
  10. Soy sauce – 2 teaspoons
  11. Tomato Sauce – 1 tbsp
  12. Testing salt – 1/4 teaspoon
  13. Onion sprouts – 1 teaspoon
  14. Lemon juice – a few drops


  1. At first beat the eggs in a bowl. In another bowl, mix corn flower with 1/3 cup of water.
  2. Put chicken breast, carrot pieces, ginger-garlic paste, salt, soybean oil and black pepper powder with 4 cups of water in the oven. Cover the pot and cook on medium heat for 15 minutes.
  3. When it is boiled, remove the meat from the water then grate it and put it in the same water.
  4. Stir all ingredients one minute in soy sauce, chili sauce and tomato sauce. Boil it on medium heat for 1 minute.
  5. Shake the cornflower mixture again a little and add it slowly on it.
  6. After one minute, pour the beaten eggs slowly on it. Turn off the oven by shaking with the testing salt and onion sprouts.
  7. Finally, stir in the lemon juice and serve hot.

5. Chickpea with noodles and egg recipe

Gram or chickpea is a good food for healthy life. It can be eaten raw, cooked, semi-cooked with other foods or as pulses. It is also sold in the market in oil fry. The most nutritious is raw gram. Chickpea pulses are eaten in various ways.


Excluding peel of gram soaked in water, eating with raw ginger powder will provide a lot of nutrients for the body. Obese people or those with high blood pressure who eat raw lentils for them, extra oil, spiced gram is risky. But raw gram soaked in water is very healthy for those people. Chickpea peel has a lot of fiber. Fiber foods help reduce blood sugar levels.

Recipe with a combination of chickpea or soaked raw gram, noodles and eggs


  1. 100 gm raw gram
  2. 1 egg
  3. 1 pack noodles with spice
  4. ½ TBS salt


  1. Gram soaked in water (soaked in water for 3 to 4 hours) should be cleaned well in a container.
  2. Then mix two cups of water in it and boil for 5 minutes on medium heat in the oven.
  3. Then sprinkle 1/2 table spoon of salt in it.
  4. Pour one packet of noodles in the boiled gram. Sprinkle the spices inside the noodles.
  5. Boil on low heat for two minutes and break an egg in it.
  6. Put on medium heat for one more minute and serve hot.

Healthy soup recipes with a few different flavors

Soup is a healthy food. Doctors told patients to eat soup as a suitable diet, because soup improves the health of patients. Soup is also a suitable food for weight loss. Eating healthy soup regularly can help you stay healthy and lose weight.

Eating the same type of soup every day makes many people get annoyed with food. You can try different flavored soups to get rid of boredom.

In addition to eating on your own, you can advise family members to eat, because soup is absolutely a good food. It has no side effects, no health risks. Learn from the following discussion, about a few fun and healthy soup recipes with different flavors.

6. Sweet pumpkin soup Recipe


Surely you are surprised by the name? Surely you are wondering, is it possible to make sweet pumpkin soup? Yes, sweet pumpkin can be made into a fun soup. In a bowl, mix dried chilli powder with onion and garlic. Then melt the sweet pumpkin well and chop two sweet potatoes with it and mix it.

Then mix one and a half liters of water with it. Cover with salt and pepper powder to taste and cook. Boil for twenty five minutes. Then remove from the oven and let cool. If sweet pumpkin and sweet potato do not mix well, blend and mix. Then pour back into the pot and heat. When ready, serve nicely.

7. Bean soup Recipe

Bean soup
Bean soup

Beans are a great fun vegetable. Beans are available in super shops almost all year round. You can make soup at home with beans. Take raw beans in a pot and boil them with adequate amount of water.

Then add the onions. When cooked, cool and blend. When blended, boil again. This time sprinkle salt and pepper powder according to taste. Serve nicely when ready.

8. Cabbage soup Recipe

Cabbage soup
Cabbage soup

First pour olive oil in a pot and heat it. Then pour the onion pieces and keep stirring well. Wait until the onion crumbs turn brown. Then mix the chopped cabbage with it and continue to burn.

Continue to cook with adequate amount of broth. After heating for a while, cover the pot with a lid and keep it covered for fifteen minutes. Wait until the cabbage is cooked. When cooked, serve with cabbage soup mixed with sauce and sugar.

9. Cauliflower soup Recipe

Cauliflower soup
Cauliflower soup

Surely you are wondering, is cauliflower soup or not? Yes, this soup is very popular among children. In particular, children love to eat hot cauliflower soup for breakfast in the evening. It is very healthy.

This nutritious soup has a different flavor as it is mixed with olive oil and garlic. To make cauliflower soup, you need onion paste, garlic clove, olive oil, chopped potato, chopped cauliflower, cream, some part of chicken.

First pour the olive oil in the pot and fry the onion and garlic with it. Add cauliflower and potatoes. Then add chicken and continue to boil. After boiling for a while, mix pure cream and continue to heat for a while more. When ready, serve tastefully.

10. Carrot coriander soup

Carrot coriander soup
Carrot coriander soup

Carrots are healthy and beneficial vegetables. A fun soup can be made by mixing coriander leaves with carrots. This soup will taste good and will taste different. You can make it at home at least once.

To make this soup you will need sliced onion, vegetable oil, coriander leaves, sliced carrot, pepper, salt, some vegetables. First, put onion in a pot and put it in the oven.

When the onion turns brown, pour carrots in it. Then pour coriander leaves in the middle and continue to cook. Then you can mix vegetable extract or chicken if you want. Of course, remove from the oven with a thick broth as desired. Serve when ready.

11. Capsicum soup Recipe

Capsicum soup
Capsicum soup

You can make delicious soup at home with capsium. Want to know how? To make soup with capsicum, you need onion, capsicum, tomato, garlic clove, coriander, green chilli, vegetables, cumin powder, red pepper, olive oil and salt. First pour onion and garlic cloves in the pot and keep frying on low flame.

Then add coriander leaves, tomatoes, and capsicum and green chillies. Then paste the vegetables with a grinder. This time pour the soup into a pot or pan and mix the vegetable extract with it. Then cook over heat and add the pepper, cumin powder and salt. Cook over low heat for a few minutes and add cream on top. Serve when ready.

Fruits which are good food for healthy life

Apple for healthy life

Apple is a nutritious fruit. Learn some important facts about apples that are rich in nutrients.

  1. The fruit increases the body’s resistance to disease.
  2. It contains vitamin A and vitamin C. This fruit can prevent vitamin A and C-induced diseases.
  3. It contains sugar, vitamin, mineral salt, fiber, pectin and malic acid. These ingredients help in body building.
  4. Even apple helps to prevent cancer.
  5. Eating apple reduces the risk of heart disease.
  6. Those who want to lose weight by losing fat, they can eat apples. Eating apples does not accumulate fat.
  7. From teeth apple juice destroys harmful bacteria. At the same time it is beneficial for the gums of the teeth. Apple keeps the teeth well.
  8. Eating apple every day increases digestion. This fruit produces digestive bacteria in the stomach.
  9. It contain enough boron, which helps keep bones strong.

Banana for healthy life

Bananas are available all year round. This healthy fruit is eaten raw and ripe. Raw bananas are cooked and eaten as vegetables; ripe bananas are eaten in different ways. Various foods are made with banana. One of the fruits on our diet all year round is banana. This is an affordable good food.


Its scientific name is Musa acuminata. It is green in its raw state and yellow in its ripe state. Red banana (outer peel color) is also found in many places. There are different types of bananas. Some bananas have seeds inside. Some bananas do not contain seeds. Not just the fruit of the banana tree, we use different parts of it. So banana cultivation is also quite profitable for the farmers. Besides fruits, we also use stems, flowers, leaves, banana peels. For every 100 grams of banana there is water – 70.1%, meat – 1.2%, fat – 0.3%, mineral salt – 0.8%, calcium – 85 mg, phosphorus – 50 mg. Contains Iron – 0.6 mg, Fiber – 0.4%, Sugar – 7.2%.

Why we need bananas for daily diet?

  1. For healthy heart – Bananas are rich in potassium, so we need potassium like other ingredients to keep our heart healthy. This not only keeps our heart healthy, it also increases its performance, and reduces the risk of heart attack.
  2. To increase digestion – Fiber is present in bananas, which helps us a lot in digestion. Its role in solving gastric problems is also important. Also, the ingredients in bananas keep fat away from our body. In addition, raw bananas help in relieving constipation.
  3. In controlling blood pressure – In addition to potassium, bananas also contain sodium and carbohydrates, which provide our body with the daily requirement of this element. And it also controls blood pressure.
  4. Weight control – The fiber present in bananas is very necessary in this case. One or two bananas a day can help control weight as well as keep excess fat away from the body.
  5. Calcium, magnesium, potassium present in bananas is very necessary to strengthen bone structure. These ingredients help keep our body away from problems like osteoporosis. So it is necessary to have a banana in the food list every day.
  6. To solve the problem of anemia – Many people suffer from this problem. Vitamins in bananas help to solve this problem. Copper and iron in bananas also play an important role in this.
  7. A pair of bananas to protect everyone from small to large problems like diarrhea. Both raw bananas and ripe bananas are very effective in relieving stomach problems and constipation.
  8. Diabetes control – Bananas are rich in carbohydrates and fiber, which helps in controlling blood sugar levels.
  9. To increase the radiance of the skin, to reduce the problem of acne, to prevent wrinkles, ripe bananas, or a little honey mixed with it as a face wash for 20 minutes.

Cherry for healthy life


Cherries are a type of fruit belonging to the genus “Prunus”. Commercially grown cherries are mainly sweet cherries. Wild cherries are unfit for cultivation in crop fields. Although in the British Isles Prunus avium is called a wild cherry. Although cherries are the fruit of Japan, cherries have been used in different countries for a long time. The use of this red fruit for direct eating or to decorate other foods has been going on ever since. Cherries are highly valued as they are very tempting to look at and incomparable in taste.

Cherries contain lots of antioxidants. Some of these are anti-diabetic in nature. Anthocyanins are naturally present in cherries due to their bright red color. Blueberries, strawberries and grapes also contain anthocyanins. Anthocyanins can increase insulin production. Each 100 grams of cherries contains 63 grams of calories, 16 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of protein, 4 grams of folate, 6 mg of vitamin C, 640 IU of vitamin A, 2 g of vitamin K, 222 mg of potassium, 13 mg of calcium, 21 mg of phosphorus, 11 mg of magnesium.

Cherry health benefits

  1. Potassium in cherries helps in reducing high blood pressure.
  2. Cherry fruit also helps in reducing heart disease by reducing the harmful cholesterol in the body.
  3. Regular consumption of cherry fruit reduces the level of uric acid in the blood.
  4. Melatonin in cherries helps in blood circulation in the body.
  5. Regular consumption of cherries reduces the risk of diabetes. The antioxidant found in cherry fruit, anthocyanins can increase insulin production which helps control blood sugar levels.
  6. The strong antioxidants in cherries are very effective in preventing cancer.
  7. This fruit helps to reduce arthritis pain, headache and migraine pain.

Dates for healthy life

You can eat dates all year round if you want. You will be happy to know that eating this sweet fruit can cure many diseases. Even you can mix dates with custard and eat dates as a healthy snack.

Dates sweet fruit

Dates are the fruit of the desert region. It is a good food rich in nutrients. It has some wonderful medicinal properties. According to medical science, eating dates throughout the year is very beneficial for health. There are also studies; this fruit has the ability to cure deadly diseases. So expert suggestion, you should have the habit of eating 5 dates a day. Then it is possible to get rid of different types of physical problems.

Medicinal properties of dates:

  1. Dates are rich in anti-oxidants which reduce the risk of heart disease.
  2. There are some nutrients in dates that help digestion and prevent constipation. Regular consumption of fiber-rich dates eliminates digestive problems.
  3. The iron and fiber in dates can control cholesterol. Dates are rich in potassium, which helps control high blood pressure. In addition, only a few dates reduce the intensity of hunger. It stimulates the stomach to eat less food.
  4. Dates increase the capacity of the brain. Dates are very useful, especially for the elderly. It helps to enhance memory.
  5. Dates are rich in calcium, which strengthens bones.
  6. Dates work well for sore throats and various types of fevers, colds and flu. In addition, dates are very helpful in preventing intestinal worms and harmful parasites. Date can produce beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  7. Studies have shown that dates have the ability to protect against abdominal cancer.
  8. The habit of eating dates every day helps to cure night blindness.
  9. The habit of eating dates every day replenishes the body’s iron deficiency and protects against anemia.

Emblica for healthy life

Emblica’s health benefit is absolutely outstanding. It is rich in vitamin C, polyphenols and antioxidants.

Emblica (Amla)

This fruit contain essential minerals, calcium, iron, potassium and carotene. These help us to deal with various diseases. Regular consumption of Amla juice helps in controlling blood sugar level, improves digestion, reduces cholesterol and shortness of breath. Amla also brings radiance to the skin by preventing the aging of the skin.

Benefits of drinking Amla (Emblica) juice every morning

  1. Amla increases the brightness of the eyes. Protects the retina of the eye and delays cataracts. Soaking amla fruit in water and washing your eyes with it will be beneficial.
  2. Emblica helps in digestion and burns body fat faster. The fiber in it keeps the stomach full for a long time. If you want to lose weight, eat a glass of amla juice on an empty stomach in the morning.
  3. Amla contains anti-bacterial agents that increase the body’s resistance to disease. Removes toxins and keeps the body’s mechanisms good.
  4. Amla juice works very well for any diabetic patient. It prevents sudden sugar drop. Even it keeps energy levels good.
  5. It helps in maintaining proper blood circulation. It is also useful in intellectual development, memory enhancement, and prevention of Alzheimer’s.

Figs Medicinal for healthy life


Figs are very high quality medicinal plants. Fig leaves, raw and ripe fruits, extracts, bark, roots, etc. have been used effectively in the treatment of various diseases since time immemorial. Each 100 grams of figs contains 37 kcal of food energy, 126 micrograms of carotene, vitamins A, B, C and other elements.

According to experts, figs are effective in the treatment of smallpox, diabetes, heart disease, kidney and urinary problems, nervous weakness, brain stiffness, colds, coughs, abscesses or tumors and gynecological diseases.

These are used to prevent tumors and other abnormal growths. In addition, figs are used as vegetables. Figs have a lot of essential fiber. This fiber helps indigestion. In addition it helps to relieve constipation.

Figs are good for those who are worried about body fat. Its fiber keeps the metabolism in order and does not allow unnecessary fat accumulation in the body.

Problems with high blood pressure can occur for a variety of reasons. Regular and moderate consumption of figs maintains the sodium-potassium balance in our body. As a result, the risk of high blood pressure is less.

Figs are rich in antioxidants. It destroys free radicals. This reduces the risk of heart disease. Dried figs lower blood triglycerides.

Figs are rich in iron. When iron is reduced, our body loses hemoglobin, which is extremely harmful to the body. Figs keep our body normal with its iron.

Guava for healthy life

Guava is a nutritious fruit. Check some important points about guava that are rich in nutrients.

  1. Guava is rich in vitamin C. So the body can prevent diseases by fighting against harmful bacteria and viruses.
  2. It contains anti-oxidants, which increase immunity.
  3. Guava is especially beneficial for diabetics. It is also necessary for eyesight and cancer prevention.
  4. This fruit enhances immunity. So you should eat this fruit every day during the guava season.
  5. Guava is a fruit that is good for the eyes and beneficial for the stomach.
  6. Guava contains vitamin A. So eating guava increases eyesight. It protects us from night blindness.
  7. This fruit is very useful in controlling high blood pressure.
  8. It helps prevent age-related diseases like cataracts, arthritis or knee pain.

Jackfruit for healthy life

Jackfruit is the king of nutrition. It is the national fruit of Bangladesh. Many people know the aroma and taste of ripe jackfruit. Young or raw jackfruit but the taste and quality are not less. It can be eaten as a curry. According to experts, jackfruit is a healthy good food.

Benefits of Jackfruit

For every 100 grams of jackfruit there are two grams of dietary fiber, 24 grams of sugar, 0.3 milligrams of fat, 34 milligrams of calcium, 37 milligrams of magnesium, and 303 milligrams of potassium, 297 IU of vitamin A and 6.7 milligrams of vitamin-C. Raw jackfruit is as effective in curing diseases as it is in boosting the body’s immune system.

Even jackfruit seeds contain sugars. If you want, you can eat it as curry, pudding or mash. However, it contains fiber, so eating too much can cause digestive problems. For those who have diabetes, there are some restrictions on eating jackfruit. In addition, people with kidney disease who have high levels of potassium in their blood, it is better not to eat jackfruit.

Benefits of Jackfruit

Jackfruit is rich in nutrients. It contains a variety of nutrients including thiamine, riboflavin, calcium, potassium, iron, sodium, etc. On the other hand, jackfruit is rich in protein, sugar and vitamins, which are especially beneficial for the human body.

Jackfruit has powerful antioxidants. You know, antioxidant protects our body from harmful free radicals. Even this fruit protects us from colds and coughs.

The amount of fat in jackfruit is small. Eating jackfruit reduces the risk of weight gain also.

Jackfruit is an excellent source of potassium. The amount of potassium is 303 mg in 100 grams of jackfruit. This potassium helps reduce high blood pressure.

Jackfruit is rich in vitamins which prevent night blindness.

Jackfruit contains a lot of vitamin-C. Vitamin-C is not produced naturally in the human body. This vitamin-C enhances immunity as well as strengthens the gums.

Jackfruit contains phytonutrients which helps prevent ulcers, cancer, high blood pressure and aging.

This fruit is very effective in reducing tension and nervousness.

Jackfruit prevents indigestion. This fruit relieves constipation also.

Jackfruit contains the mineral iron, which eliminates anemia in the body.

Even jackfruit contains a large amount of the mineral manganese, which helps control the amount of sugar in the blood.

This large fruit contains magnesium and calcium which plays a role in the bone formation and bone strengthening of the human body. It also plays an important role in resolving the blood clotting process.

Jackfruit contains vitamin B6. This vitamin B6 reduces the risk of heart disease.

From the age of six months, the baby’s appetite is suppressed by feeding jackfruit juice along with mother’s milk. On the other hand his lack of essential vitamins is met.