choose the best electricity supplier

Why and How to Choose The Best Electricity Supplier In Your State?

Different people consume different types and different amounts of electricity. The requirement of energy is different for every person and electricity usage of your friends, neighbors, and relatives may differ from your... Read more »
thop tv apk

Thoptv Apk Download Latest Version [2020]

People generally watch TV in their free time to relax and get some entertainment at the same time. But what to do when you’re out traveling? With Thoptv APK for Android, all that... Read more »

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Warzone- Call of Duty- How to download and play

The world famous game ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ was released on March 10, 2020. A maximum of 150 players can participate in this game together for free. Call of Duty is a... Read more »

Taiwan semiconductor news- manufacturing and agreement

India and Taiwan have signed a semiconductor development agreement… Indian and Taiwanese industrial companies have signed an agreement to work more closely in the future on semiconductor technology, including establishing better business... Read more »

UAE news today- The UAE spacecraft is on its way to Mars

UAE news today- A historic UAE spacecraft is now on its way to Mars after being launched from Japan. The spacecraft is traveling about five hundred million kilometers to test the weather... Read more »

China technology news- new weapon unveiled

China technology news- China has become a leading scientific and industrial power in more advanced fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, supercomputing, bullet trains, aeronautics and others. China has a 1 trillion... Read more »
remove samsung pattern lock no data loss

3 Ways Remove Samsung Lock Screen Pattern, Pin or Password No Data Loss

I know how you feel when you forget the pattern lock or any screen lock of your mobile and you are not able to access the important data on your Smartphone. If... Read more »
Basics of a VPN

Basics of a VPN: What it is, How it Operates, Why Use It?

Basics of a VPN- Before talking about how a VPN operates, let’s first get to understand what the term VPN means. The initials VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Just as the... Read more »

Cyber risk- tips to get safe from cyber-crime

Cyber risk- In the age of globalization, there are no people around the world who are unfamiliar with computers and smart devices. With the advancement of technology, ordinary people are also accustomed... Read more »

Quantum Computing: Google announces a new technology

Google’s AI Quantum Team has taken another step forward in the field of quantum computing. Google’s sycamore quantum processor has been able to complete a calculation in three and a half minutes.... Read more »