Vertical-firm Chinese technology

Some Chinese technology surprising the world

We all know that Great China is the most popular country in the world for its population. Although the current technological discoveries in this country will surprise you a little, you will... Read more »

Blockchain Technology: how it works

Although this is an old topic, people’s interest in Bitcoin and the popularity of cryptocurrency has increased since last two, three years. Because, Bitcoin or most other cryptocurrencies work based on this... Read more »

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Best Smartphone in the world 2020

best-smartphone- Last year in the realm of smartphones came some new design trends like bezel less display or water-drop notch. The dual / triple camera Bokeh effect or background blur feature also... Read more »

Android Smartphone market reviews

In today’s world, the reign of Android Smartphone is going on. More than 80 percent of the world’s smart phones run on the Android operating system. The world’s largest Smartphone makers Samsung,... Read more »

New battery technology for Smartphone and electric car

The battery of the Smartphone will last for five days: Even today, many people are worried about the battery of Smartphone. Now the hassle of charging of phone repeatedly every day as... Read more »

Some tips to keep Android smartphone safe

Smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life. From shopping to movie ticket booking or taxi booking can now be done sitting at home courtesy of Smartphone. Bank account information and... Read more »

Gaming laptops best features in the market

People who don’t like to play games are rarely found. And we are looking for good quality gaming laptops to play games on laptops. Many people think that if I have a... Read more »

Israeli Economy stands on arms Defense industries

I met a fantastic tour guide in Israel specializing in military tours in Israel; he took me to the most remarkable places related to Israeli combat battle heritage. This is an amazing... Read more »

Interesting Stats on Seniors and Technology Use

One thing that you might not often hear in a sentence is elderly and technology. This demographic is known to be the least tech-savvy of them all. However, in recent years, we’ve... Read more »

Why the Smartphone is turning into hot?

In technology-based age, everyone uses smart phones. But one of the problems of Smartphone is that the device turns into hot in the middle of using. There are a number of reasons... Read more »