Islam holy places in Mecca

In the history of Islam, the rule of Hajj was made in 631 AD. In the year following 631, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) offered Hajj. Mecca is the house of holy places. visit to Saudi Arabia– read the full article.

Some Holy places of Mecca

Today’s blog I’ve discussed about some specific holy places in Mecca where every Muslim want to visit.


Muslims Qibla is Kaaba. This is a wonderful creation of God. In the Haj season, millions of Muslims go to Makkah to make Tawaf of Kaaba every year. Because of the position of the city of Mecca in the center of the world, Allah will set up ‘Baitullah’ or ‘ Kaaba ‘ in Mecca. By the command of Allah, the angels first created the Kaaba in the world and pray here. The basement was established in the shape of Baitul Mamur in the revered mosque, situated directly in the seventh heaven.

The Ka’bah is defined as the center of worship of the human race. The Kaaba is almost square. Its length and width are approximate 45 and 40 feet. The gate of Kaaba Sharif is one and the door is located on the east side of the Kaaba. The place of the Tawaf around Kaabah is called ‘Mathaf’.


Hajar al-Aswad or black stone planted on one and a half meters from the Mathaf (the place of the Tawaf) in the south-east corner of Ka’bah Sharif is a prehistoric Islamic monument, and the material of the most blessed bountiful gardens.

In the eastern-south corner of the Ka’bah, a round stone, like a black plate, is covered with a piece of about four feet high wall, the Hajar al-Aswad or black stone. The stone was first white. Due to the attraction of child Adam’s kisses and sins, the stone has become black. Stone circle around the stone.

Makami Ibrahim

A box of crystal is beside the Kaaba Sharif, surrounded by an iron bar. There is a square stone inside. The length, breadth and height of the stone is equal, almost one hand. This stone is only Makami Ibrahim. The word ma’qam means that the place to stand, i.e. the place of standing of Ibrahim (AS). He stood on this stone and constructed Kaaba Sharif. The distance from Ka’ba Sharif to Makam Ibrahim is 27 cubits.

Hazrat Adam (A) prayers in front of the door of the house of Allah, and according to Hazrat Gabriel (A) prayers, the Prophet (peace be upon him) has given the idea of ​​prayer for the first time and the last time and the rules of prayer.

Arafat Ground

Arafat Ground in memory of the first human Hazrat Adam (A) and Mother Hazrat Hawa (A) – Millions of believers in the world performed holy hajj after being sprayed and shaken by the vast Arafat grounds near 15 kilometers from Mecca.

For the difference between language, color and sex, 25.5 million religious Muslims in 172 countries of the world go to Arafat from Mina to observe Hajj every year. Hajj is based on the nine Zillahz Arafat grounds. In this connection, Hazrat Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘Hajj to stay in Arafat.’ – Tirmizi

Zamzam well

The Zamzam well situated in Mecca Sharif, on the veranda of the Kaba Sharif, is a wonderful example of the infinite power of Allah. The meaning of Zamzam for the Arabs is to increase and accumulate. Among the amazing creatures in the world, Jamjam is one of the wells. Jamjam water never gets exhausted, which is very sacred and beneficial.

Due to the thirst for the newborn baby Hazrat Isma’il (AS) – the birth of the divine Aba Shefah, Abe Rahmat and blessed Ramadan water was born.

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