Traditional medicine shows promise in treating COVID-19

Wonder black seed Nigella Sativa can be the alternative medicine. Nigella oil or powder shows promise in treating Coronavirus covid-19 affected people all over the world as a Traditional medicine. Take a look the uses and benefits of Black seed bellow.

Black seed uses and benefits

Black seed (Nigella Sativa) is a natural herbal Traditional medicine. Its consumption to enjoy its perks is as easy as ABCJust follow any of the given instructions to help yourself:

Pour a teaspoon of black seed oil in boiling water and inhale its vapors for 30 minutes.

Take a teaspoon of black seed oil in the morning and one teaspoon in the evening.

Take a teaspoon of black seeds with a glass of water.

Mix a teaspoon of black seeds with a teaspoon of honey and consume it.

Apply black seed oil (or its water extract or alcohol extract) on your back and chest, preferably before bedtime as a preventive measure against nocturnal symptoms of asthmatic attacks.

Liver- the vital organ of the body

Liver is the vital organ that is involved in various bodily functions including: removal of toxins, metabolism of drugs, processing of nutrients and production of proteins and chemicals that are crucial to health.

Your liver is quite sensitive towards oxidative stress and quickly melts down under the process of injury rather than adapting the environment. The most critical liver damages that are regulated by oxidative stress include: Hepatic ischemia reperfusion injury, hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatic stellate cells, paracetamol-induced liver damage, viral hepatitis, fatty liver, alcoholic liver disease, cirrhosis.

N.sativa is reported to possess spells that relieve deleterious effects of hepatic ischemia reperfusion injury – a complex systemic process that gives rise to multiple organ dysfunctions. Thymoquinone presents itself as an angel again by attenuating the protein oxidation and restoring the depleted levels of antioxidants.

Free radicals, more commonly known as Reactive Oxygen Species, play a vital role in the expansion of oxidative stress and share a good amount of contribution that accounts for liver damage. They bring about the irreversible cell injury that ultimately leads to necrosis.

Mitigates the condition of Dyslipidemia

A condition characterized by elevated triglycerides, LDL and demoted HDL levels accounts for the dyslipidemia. This condition rings alarms for the not so distant arrival of cardiovascular risks because to a significant extent, cardiovascular risks especially ischemic heart disease, depend on lipid profile of the patient.

Nigella sativa, in its different dosage forms, aids in correcting the situation to a great extent and provides relieve against the disturbance. It inhibits dietry cholesterol absorption, decreases hepatic cholesterol synthesis and up-regulates LDL receptors that have a big hand in lowering lipid concentration and ameliorating its profile.

It can be consumed in different forms to meet the cause. Following doses will surely help you out in choosing your dosage form according to your taste and convenience.

  • Nigella sativa seed powder (100mg-20g per day)
  • Nigella sativa seed oil (20-800mg per day)
  • Thymoquinone (3.5-20mg per day)

Lastly, clinical trials provide vivid evidences in the honor of black seeds to be a proficient therapy for dyslipidemic patients.

Nigella Sativa (wonder black seed) the ultimate Immunity Booster-Traditional medicine

That is exactly how it attained the praise that says: Nigella possesses cure of everything but death

A comprehensive review has been documented for the therapeutic action of thymoquinone that presents itself for the modulation of both cellular and humoral adaptive immune responses. It can effortlessly regulate both the infectious and non-infectious conditions like allergy or cancer.

A research employed mice to test anti-tumor activity, macrophage activity and splenocyte proliferation of N.sativa. The results manifested fruitful responses with enhanced splenocyte proliferation in a dose-responsive manner. Aqueous extract of N.sativa remarkably overpowered the secretion of proinflammatory mediators that promises a dominant antinflammatory effect.

Of course we need inflammatory response to call out all the inflammatory mediators and put up a coming signaling for the macrophages and leukocytes. But even after the situation is extinguished, prevalence of inflammation is proves to be a great nuisance and needs to clear up. This is where role N.sativa turns out to be substantial.

By the same token, methanolic extract of N.sativa seeds provided a helping hand in the increment of white blood cell count and spleen weight (as per a research that was carried out on mice). Another research proposed oil of N.sativa seeds as potent cytotoxic immunosuppressive agent. Long-Evans rat model was taken under observation and a significant abatement in antibody production against typhoid vaccination was discerned.

Testosterone Booster Super Antioxidant Foods

To boost the immune system Nigella Sativa the wonder black seeds will help people from the root. Black seed Nigella is the best anti ageing foods. It’s a testosterone booster medicine, super antioxidant food Nigella Sativa helps to protect from cancer and tumour. Nigella Sativa is a natural stress relievers also.

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