Walter dog meme

Walter dog

Animal memes became very popular from the beginning of memes. Funny pictures of human pets have gone viral and become the source of various iconic memes. Many such memes have become popular... Read more »
Biden pet german shepherd dog

Biden pet moved out of the white house

When President Joe Biden came to the White House with his family, he was accompanied by a ‘Major’. He is also a member of the President’s family. But as soon as he... Read more »

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Dog adoption worldwide with special needs

Are you considering adopting a dog? Fantastic! There are many dog breeds around the world that are searching for their eternal home. Some dogs will have no problem to get securing an... Read more »
facts about Pet dog

13 Mysterious facts about Pet dog worldwide

Dogs are most trusted companion for man. Dogs are the most popular pet in the Western world. They come in different shapes, sizes and species. There are more than 200 pet dog... Read more »

Why you should adopt a dog instead of buying one

You think you should have a puppy. Our dog breeds have been a part of our lives for thousands of years. Sometimes they are our loyal companions, playmates. Some dogs are the... Read more »

Pointer dog the bird hunting gun dogs in the world

Pointer dog breed characteristics information:Many centuries ago, it first appeared in Spain. Sometime later the dogs were brought to England. Here they mixed with other well-known breeds, gradually acquiring the characteristics of... Read more »

Low Maintenance Pets: 5 Reptiles That Are Great For Beginners and Kids Alike

Few reptiles can be wonderful pets, but a few can be difficult to manage, and not all of them are safe for kids. Few reptiles are easy to maintain, while some are... Read more »

Catfish near me facts a catfish picture

Catfish Order: Siluriformes or Nematognathi is a diverse group of ray-wing fish. Their distinctive nomenclature is the detritivores (species) of the three largest living species of mustaches, similar in size to a... Read more »

I need a dog – best pet animal dog breed

I need a dog. Yes, today I need a dog. I need a cute and funny puppy. To get a free life I want a breed who can give me much better... Read more »

Dog foods which are best proven food for dog breeds

We keep different animals such as dogs, cats, birds, turtles and many more. Pets bring joy and love to our lives. After living for a long time, pets became our closest friends... Read more »