Best way to keep fit and healthy

Best way to keep fit- living a healthy life and following a routine can be a bit difficult during a lockdown. But despite all these disasters and problems, we all know that... Read more »

Working Women in Dhaka City

Dhaka is the Capital of Bangladesh highly populated and busy city. Every day so many people come here to find their Job or for other official works. So much unemployment is very... Read more »

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Manlikeclix on Traveling to Santorini, Greece

Manlikeclix  who’s real names are Gwei Noel Yengong is much more than just a fashion designer, though he is an amazing fashion designer. Aside from that, Manlikeclix is also a traveling mogul.... Read more »

Tips to buy duvets in summer

If you are going to buy a quality duvet covers for summer is the best thing and is a great investment. It makes the place look good and according to the ongoing... Read more »
A Bulldog life

HOW CAN LIFE GET ANY BETTER-a guest post by Collectibulldogs

Hi readers and visitors to this great website I’m the owner of the world’s first bulldog memorabilia collection online, the first to exhibit bulldog memorabilia at an exhibition in my home city... Read more »

The way to reduce blood pressure without medication

High blood pressure is a common physical problem in the whole world. If you are not careful, this problem can happen until the death. But following the very common rules, it is... Read more »

21 Quotes that will boost your positive attitude

Life is like an unbridled race; you should run in this race of life otherwise this cruel world will ride roughshod over you. Positive attitude in our life helps us to move... Read more »

how to stay healthy in summer season

Anyone can fall at any moment in the tragic hot season, in illness. The temperature of the human body continued to rise as the temperature increased. So if anyone can master the... Read more »

Benefits of walking an hour a day- really incredible!

Everyone wants to stay fit. You can stay fit if you follow some rules. Regular walking and different types of exercises make the body healthy and freshen up. Exercise as well as... Read more »

Foods To Reduce Body Heat

The food that keeps the body cools during the summer Due to heat in summer season, the body temperature also increases. There are many types of problems in digestion. It is necessary... Read more »