USA latest news in racism

Racism in USA is very acute. After a death American all walks of life come on road to protest this activity in this uncertain pandemic time. It’s on going and Police in... Read more »

Working Women in Dhaka City

Dhaka is the Capital of Bangladesh highly populated and busy city. Every day so many people come here to find their Job or for other official works. So much unemployment is very... Read more »

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Man made Deforestation threat worldwide

As citizens from all over the world, we are terrified to see the rapid spike in Amazon rainforest destruction in recent year. The fate of humanity rests on the fate of the... Read more »

WikiGap Campaign for increasing women information in Wikipedia by Swedish Embassy Bangladesh

Worldwide Open Encyclopedia Wikipedia, a campaign titled “Wikigap” organized to increase women’s participation and information on women, was held on May 3-17, 2019. In the 15-day long article writing competition, to enrich... Read more »
bulldog adoption

Meet Porscha the mini Bulldog from Collectibulldogs UK

Hi readers I hope your all well and safe out there! We thought it would be nice for all to meet Porscha the mini bulldog from Collectibulldogs, “where’s wiggles some may say”... Read more »


Hi there readers, I hope you’re all safe and well, my names Eiffion Ashdown and I live in a beautiful seaside city in the U.K. called Brighton if you live in a... Read more »

21 Quotes that will boost your positive attitude

Life is like an unbridled race; you should run in this race of life otherwise this cruel world will ride roughshod over you. Positive attitude in our life helps us to move... Read more »

punishment against cybercrime

Posting scandalous or confusing things, uploading pictures or videos, posting confusing posts by opening someone’s named account, giving a status or sharing or liking may also cause cyber crime. There is no... Read more »

How to write engaging word to reach people all over the world

An associated with the people experience fear when offer to speak in front of a group or number of people. What holds them back is the worry of appearing foolish at the... Read more »
Cyber Crimes

Comparison of legal system of other countries on Cyber Crimes

Most of the countries are concern about cyber crimes. They want to lessen the crimes happening in the cyberspace. In Bangladesh we see that there are some laws to lessen these committing... Read more »