Heat Stroke Symptoms-what to do?

The temperature is rising across the world. People are becoming unusable in uncomfortable summer. Heat Stroke Risks is Increasing With Summer…So it is important to be careful about the signs of hit... Read more »

Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Dates fruits

Date palm Phoenix dactylifera-generally known as date or date palm- is a flowering plant species in the palm family-Arecaceae-cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. Dates are one kind of delicious fruit of... Read more »

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Some benefits of lemon

Lemon nourishment Lemon is a nutritious fruit. When the heat is severe in summer, only then a glass of lemon can refresh you. Lemon is used to increase the immunity and help... Read more »

Benefits of watermelon

Many people like watermelon. This fruit of sweet flavored is rich in antioxidants and minerals; it’s very good for health. Some incredible health benefits of watermelon, its seeds, and rind One of... Read more »

Good news for diabetic patients

Diabetes is a familiar disease. Diabetes has been spread as like worldwide epidemic. There are many other types of problems found in the body after diabetes. So it’s better to control diabetes... Read more »

Benefits of walking an hour a day- really incredible!

Everyone wants to stay fit. You can stay fit if you follow some rules. Regular walking and different types of exercises make the body healthy and freshen up. Exercise as well as... Read more »

Foods To Reduce Body Heat

The food that keeps the body cools during the summer Due to heat in summer season, the body temperature also increases. There are many types of problems in digestion. It is necessary... Read more »

Fast food can bring heart disease

We have an identity with junk food or fast food. Almost everyone knows that all these foods are not healthy. Scientists are surprised to find out how much time all these foods... Read more »


More than three eggs a week, the risk of heart disease  Experts have been debating for a long time, whether eating eggs is good for health. After the publication of a new... Read more »

Swasti is a safe food provider of Bangladesh

Ratan tata says, “Eat your food as your medicine otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food.” What are the poisons in our daily diet? Formalin fishes, Growth hormones and formalin... Read more »