Man made Deforestation threat worldwide

Deforestation threat worldwide- As citizens from all over the world, we are terrified to see the rapid spike in Amazon rainforest destruction in recent year. The fate of humanity rests on the fate of the Amazon, and we insist you to do all you can to protect the forest from destruction by manmade, including passing laws to protect public forests and end illegal deforestation, and bringing international pressure to prevent further destruction of the Amazon as well as other forest destruction. Watch the video blog: Battle for the Amazon – Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest:

Battle for the Amazon – Deforestation in the Amazon Rainfores

Manmade disasters deforestation

It’s horrifying — in the past year, an area the size of 500,000 soccer fields has been ruined in the Amazon! Nearly half a BILLION trees torn down and have gone forever as well as different animals are facing difficulties to lead their life.

This is how they do it: armed militia swarm into reserved areas, and indigenous leaders who stand up to them are murdered or faced mafia don. There are even stories of planes dropping gasoline to make massive forest fires for massive deforestation. And Brazil’s far-right President Bolsonaro is creating it even worse by stripping the Amazon of its remaining protections!

Amazon-rainforest-destruction- Deforestation threat worldwide

Right now, Amazon champions in Brazil’s Congress are sounding sweeping new protections for the precious rainforest for human being. And indigenous different groups are calling for international support to create pressure to defend their home, their land for the future.

Largest mangrove forest Sundarbans destruction process 

Here is another story for deforestation in Asia: manmade deforestation causes

Deforestation threat worldwide- The largest mangrove forest the Sundarban day by day is destroyed by manmade deforestation process. It’s like a slow poisoning process. Slow poisoning can destroyed any life day by day. Manmade deforestation is going on and on to ruin forest of life. Bangladesh Govt. and Indian Govt. bilaterally are placing Coal electric field near the mangrove forest Sundarban. For this reason the ecological balance is destroying day by day. But the Govt. is not taking initiative broadly to protect this largest forest. It’s a threat for south Asian countries. Though Rampal Power Plant Project Working Progress in Bangladesh is going on!

Rampal-Power-Plant-Project- Deforestation threat worldwide

A question for all human being: is deforestation man made or natural?

Let’s build a massive call of citizens from around the world to protect the forest — when it’s huge, allies will deliver our voices to Govt. in each key moment to silence the chainsaws and stop this Amazon and other deforestation worldwide!

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