Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury

Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury the founder of Gonoshasthaya

One of the prerequisites for joining a public health center is to quiting smoking. In 1996, Sheikh Hasina became the Prime Minister. Her husband Wazed Mia is the chairman of the Atomic... Read more »

Yoga exercise- a new dimension to the Bangladesh Police

The Diplomatic Security Division of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police has started Yoga exercise. To boost their morale in the Corona situation Yoga Exercise will definitely help positively. Rajan Kumar Saha, Assistant Commissioner... Read more »

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Best way to keep fit and healthy

Best way to keep fit- living a healthy life and following a routine can be a bit difficult during a lockdown. But despite all these disasters and problems, we all know that... Read more »

The benefits of eating dates absolutely amazing

Benefits of eating date fruit is absolutely amazing. Dates are a very nutritious fruit. Dates are the source of natural energy. It’s rich in vitamins, fiber, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and... Read more »

Benefits of eating apples daily

When I’m hungry, I pick up a burger or a pizza. I didn’t think my stomach was full and my body was full although this is a very wrong idea. In fact,... Read more »

Benefits of eating banana daily

It is more beneficial to eat local fruits at low prices without leaning towards expensive foreign fruits. So to keep the body healthy, everyone, big or small, should eat a banana every... Read more »

Guava benefits for health

There are many benefits to eat guava with taste, nutrition and health. Guava can be included in the daily diet to protect health. It contains anti-oxidants, vitamin C and lycopene, which are... Read more »

Corona vaccine by china in second phase of clinical trials

Chinese scientists working on the Covid-19 vaccine claim they are 99% sure it will work. Researchers from the Beijing-based research institute Sinovac Biotech confirmed this to Sky News, a UK broadcaster. Sky... Read more »

Benefits of drinking lemon water daily

When you are tired from the intense heat in the hot weather, just then a glass of lemonade is good for the soul. Not only as a juice, but also to lose... Read more »
June Almeida

Coronavirus discovery woman who first discovered the covid-19

The woman who first discovered the existence of coronavirus in the human body was the daughter of a Scottish bus driver who dropped out of school at the age of 16. June... Read more »