Corona Vaccine Delivery: US Department of Transportation

The U.S. Department of Transportation is preparing to make the covid vaccine available to the public as soon as it is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They said... Read more »

mRNA vaccine against Coronavirus could be ready soon

The two vaccines that are currently leading the race for the Coronavirus vaccine are the mRNA vaccines. mRNA is the messenger RNA. This m-RNA, which is essential for the functioning of cells,... Read more »

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What to do to prevent chapped lips naturally in winter

Cold, hot and rainy – nature is changing from time to time. Your skin is the first to understand this change in nature. Because at this time various skin problems start. Sometimes... Read more »

Baby with coronavirus antibodies in Singapore

A woman was infected with the coronavirus in Singapore last March. She was pregnant then. The woman recently gave birth a baby with coronavirus antibodies. Doctors have tested that the newborn came... Read more »

Cytokine storm in acute respiratory syndrome, treatment

Cytokine is a type of protein. They give signals to the molecules of the immune system about what to do. When a coronavirus infection occurs, the body’s immune response is often severe.... Read more »

Corona originated in Bangladesh-India: scientists claim

Corona originated in Bangladesh-India!!! A section of Chinese scientists are claiming that coronavirus has been transmitted to humans from the first people in Bangladesh and India. The probable time of infection is... Read more »

3 Proven Yoga poses benefits for mental health and fitness

So yoga poses whether, pins on Pinterest, YouTube videos is those amazing Beach yoga photos on Instagram. Yoga is likely having us as one of the hottest clicks in health and fitness.... Read more »

Meditation effects on the brain (meditation music of blood)

In this quick self-help segment I’m going to tell you the benefits of meditation, Meditation effects on the brain, meditation music of blood. Really this should convince you why you should be... Read more »
Best Fitness Apps

3 Best Fitness Apps: Expectations vs. Reality

Good day and welcome to another blog. In today’s blog we’re gonna talk about three very useful and Best Fitness Apps. And they are also free. I hope you guys enjoyed that... Read more »

Bodybuilding: 6 foods can help for building muscle

6 protein rich foods those are effective in Bodybuilding, strong muscles in the body. Everyone dreams of getting the body in a very beautiful shape by strengthening the muscles of the body.... Read more »