Meat Substitute Products

Hunger and Health Drifting The Crowd Toward Meat Substitute Products Meat substitute refers to those plant-based products. Valuing the importance of increasing health consciousness among people, most of the meat-producing companies are... Read more »

8 Surprising Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Sleep Apnea is one of those chronic conditions that are often understated but it can have life-threatening consequences. It is an ailment in which the airway gets partially or completely blocked or... Read more »

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Health benefits of eating sugar apple

This fruit is called sugar apple, it is delicious, and it is also very beneficial for health. In some places, it is also known as Sita Fruit, while in English it is... Read more »


Smoking is one of the bad habit which is spreading very fast all over the world, but at time there are also 60% people who did not know that why smoking is... Read more »

The way to reduce blood pressure without medication

High blood pressure is a common physical problem in the whole world. If you are not careful, this problem can happen until the death. But following the very common rules, it is... Read more »

Causes of chest pain

Chest pain is a kind of complex situation of a patient. The problem is so complex that for which a person should to go to the emergency department of the hospital. There... Read more »

Study of Drug-drug interaction in pharmacotherapy of hypertension

Methodology Study design and Settings: To Study Drug-drug interaction in pharmacotherapy of hypertension I used retrospective cross sectional study to identify generalized drug-drug interaction which is conducted in North West general hospital... Read more »

how to stay healthy in summer season

Anyone can fall at any moment in the tragic hot season, in illness. The temperature of the human body continued to rise as the temperature increased. So if anyone can master the... Read more »

Heat Stroke Symptoms-what to do?

The temperature is rising across the world. People are becoming unusable in uncomfortable summer. Heat Stroke Risks is Increasing With Summer…So it is important to be careful about the signs of hit... Read more »

Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Dates fruits

Date palm Phoenix dactylifera-generally known as date or date palm- is a flowering plant species in the palm family-Arecaceae-cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. Dates are one kind of delicious fruit of... Read more »