Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh affected by coronavirus

Pandemic situation is cultivated in rohingya refugee camp in bangladesh. It’s an uncertain time all over the world. Crisis is everywhere. During this difficult time, the Bangladesh government has taken all possible measures for the Rohingya refugees. On the other hand, after a long 66-days lockdown, Bangladesh has started to open everything as before. But the days are passing and the number of patients infected with corona virus and death is increasing in Bangladesh. This is bad news for Bangladesh. Coronavirus in Bangladesh is getting worse.

The first Rohingya to be infected with corona died

A 61-year-old Rohingya man has died at a Rohingya camp in Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. He is a resident of Kutupalong Registered Camp Block-C, Site-21. He died while being treated in isolation, said Chief Health Coordinator of the Office of Refugee Relief and Repatriation. Dr. Abu Toha Bhuiyan.

Dr. Toha also mentioned that the old man who died on the night of May 30 was the first Rohingya to die in Covid-19. In this incident, 9 members of the family of the deceased are being kept in the home quarantine and observation is being done for the next step.

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh- an old man affected by coronavirus

Dr. Toha further said that the old man from Kutupalong Register Camp of Ukhia came to the health center of the camp on the afternoon of May 30 with cold, cough and shortness of breath. Samples were collected by sending him to MSF hospital as he had corona symptoms. He was then placed in isolation. There he died at night. Since Corona had symptoms, she was buried the next morning following hygiene rules. His corona came positive in the report of that day (May 31).

After receiving the report, 9 members of the Rohingya family were taken to the home quarantine. They were not taken in isolation as there were no signs of corona between them, but kept under observation. If any of them show fever or any other symptoms, preparations are being made to take them to Kovid-19 hospital immediately.

Cox’s Bazar Civil Surgeon Mahbubur Rahman statement:

Cox’s Bazar Civil Surgeon Mahbubur Rahman said at least 30 Rohingyas had been infected with the corona virus in the Rohingya camp as of Monday. On Monday, 5 Rohingyas came in Corona positive, but one was new and 4 were follow-up positive.

It is to be noted that the displaced Rohingyas from Myanmar have taken shelter in 34 refugee camps in Teknaf and Ukhia of Cox’s Bazar. Their number is more than 11 lakhs. Although the Rohingya camps have been under siege since March 11 after the outbreak of the corona virus in Bangladesh, corona has recently been present in the Rohingya camps as well. And the first news that a Rohingya died after being affected by a corona has caused panic in the Rohingya camps.

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