Shehwar-Maria love story worldwide

The two names Shehwar-Maria have spread through the social video platform YouTube to Bengali speaking people all over the world. If the country is different, the two minds will become different –... Read more »
Boni Amin

Boni Amin presents the world to the Bengalis

Boni Amin is one of the best tourists in the world who was born in Bangladesh. He was born on 18 May 1959 in Charchenga village on Hatia Island in Noakhali district.... Read more »

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natural image of avatar movie

The highest grossing movie of all time “Avatar”

Avatar is now the highest grossing movie of all time. With the release in China for the second time, the blockbuster movie Avatar has regained the title of the highest grossing movie... Read more »
Andra Day

Andra Day is Billie Holiday won the Golden Globe

At the age of 11, listening to artist Billie Holiday’s songs changed the life of a teenager. Listening to the songs ‘Sugar‘ and ‘Strange Fruit‘, the little girl understood what a ‘great... Read more »

Jolie sold the Churchill painting for $11.5 million

Jolie sold Churchill painting: Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. Prior to joining politics, he served in senior positions in the military. He started... Read more »

Dae Jones sells her EP “No Daes Off” for $100, is she the new Nipsey Hussle?

Rap/Treprenuer Dae Jones had just inked her first recording deal with Island Records only a year ago! With Covid heavily impacting the dynamics of the music industry, Dae’s project “No Daes Off” had... Read more »

Priyanka Chopra Memoir ‘Unfinished’ expressed her words

This time Priyanka Chopra made her debut as a writer. The book ‘Unfinished’ written about Priyanka Chopra Memoir was published. In the book, she writes about her life experiences, sorrows, patriarchal society... Read more »

Bollywood actress Rakul Preet storm on YouTube

A song from Rakul Preet Singh’s ‘De De Pyaar De‘ with Bollywood’s Tabu and Ajay Devgan has got a huge response on YouTube. The song, which was released on the T-series YouTube... Read more »

Hande Ercel new talented Turkish artist

Handy Ercel is a 27-year-old Turkish actress, born 24 November 1993. She is best known for her lead role as Hayat Uzun opposite Burak Deniz in the TV series.  She tops the... Read more »

Viral ‘Internet Sensation’ Priya Prakash songs

Priya made a storm in the minds of many youngsters by dancing her eyebrows and blinking her eyes in the song scene of a southern film. That video went viral overnight. Since... Read more »