Foods To Reduce Body Heat

The food that keeps the body cools during the summer Due to heat in summer season, the body temperature also increases. There are many types of problems in digestion. It is necessary... Read more »
Sunny-Leone in Dhallywood Film and Music Awards

Sunny Leone hands Bangladeshi award

India’s controversial actress Sunny Leone received Bangladeshi award. The Dhallywood Film and Music Award were recently given. At the auditorium of Jamaica, the 18th edition of ‘Dhallywood Film and Music Award’ was... Read more »

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First Image of a Black Hole captured

For the first time, the picture of black hole was taken by scientists Space scientists have been able to take pictures of a black hole or black hole for the first time.... Read more »

Fast food can bring heart disease

We have an identity with junk food or fast food. Almost everyone knows that all these foods are not healthy. Scientists are surprised to find out how much time all these foods... Read more »

Old man impact of the world economy

The number of elderly people growing more than the youth in the world. Currently there are more people 65 years of age than the population below the age of five years. This... Read more »

Facebook plans own cryptocurrency

Digital Coins-Upcoming Facebook cryptocurrency to buy sell The whole world is moving in the form of remittance. Expatriates send money to their own people. In the past two years remittance has become... Read more »

Pahela Baishakh, Baishakhi decoration

Pahela Baishakh Baishakh is a festival without communalism. It is the only life festival of Bengal where people gather together without religion, caste discrimination, take a new year. And to choose the... Read more »

Five ways to be happy

International Happiness Day is being celebrated on 20th March in many countries of the world. If you do not get that feeling completely, do not worry, you can know how to be... Read more »


More than three eggs a week, the risk of heart disease  Experts have been debating for a long time, whether eating eggs is good for health. After the publication of a new... Read more »

Some expensive foods in the world

If you heard the name of Jafaran, it must also know that it is one of the most expensive spices in the world. The price of pounds per ounce is more than... Read more »