Biden pet german shepherd dog

Biden pet moved out of the white house

When President Joe Biden came to the White House with his family, he was accompanied by a ‘Major’. He is also a member of the President’s family. But as soon as he... Read more »
Bangladesh latest news

Bangladesh news: VP Nur constantly criticizing the Govt.

The recent release of “All the Prime Minister’s Men”, the investigation documentary by Al Jazeera on corruption in Bangladesh’s politics and the information about the mafia system has created a mixed reaction... Read more »

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Hormonal problems Thalassemia

Thalassemia Hormonal problems, treatment

Thalassemia is a hereditary complex disease in which there are widespread problems with the production of hemoglobin in the blood. This problem is seen to take a very serious shape when someone... Read more »

Leukoplakia: Dangerous white oral infection

Leukoplakia can cause white spots on the inside of the mouth or on the mucous membranes of the cheeks. The exact cause of leukoplakia is not yet fully known. Today’s blog I’ve... Read more »
Andra Day

Andra Day is Billie Holiday won the Golden Globe

At the age of 11, listening to artist Billie Holiday’s songs changed the life of a teenager. Listening to the songs ‘Sugar‘ and ‘Strange Fruit‘, the little girl understood what a ‘great... Read more »
Weight gaining foods

Weight gaining easy tips with proper food list

We all need to keep our weight in balance. Keep in mind that losing weight is as difficult as gaining weight! We all know that ‘health is the root of all happiness’.... Read more »
black Raisins benefits

Raisins benefits | 7 incredible advantages of eating Raisins

Most of the people like grapes as a fruit. This juicy fruit is tasty to eat. Raisins are the dried form of this fruits. Grapes we eat as fruit and raisins enhance... Read more »

Jolie sold the Churchill painting for $11.5 million

Jolie sold Churchill painting: Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. Prior to joining politics, he served in senior positions in the military. He started... Read more »
Healthy-foods to lose weight

Best Healthy foods to lose weight permanently

Hey man! You can get a quick read from my healthy foods blog to lose weight. Here you’ll get healthy delicious foods which can remove extra fat from your body within a... Read more »

Carrot benefits for skin and hair

People of all ages like to eat carrots. It is a readily available vegetable, which is available in the market all year round. Carrots are the best in taste and nutrition; it... Read more »