German shepherd dog

Best dog food for german shepherds

Before preparing dog food, it is important to know the breed of your dog. I wrote a blog earlier on dog food where one thing is clear which foods you can feed... Read more »
Doberdor dog

Best dog food for allergies

Allergy is a type of immune response in the body that occurs when a pathogenic substance enters the digestive tract. In the case of allergies, the animal has various manifestations that require... Read more »

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Pitbull powerful dog breeds

Best dog food for pitbulls

Generally, the average pit bull should eat about 2 to 3 cups of food per day. Large pitbulls need three cups of best dry dog food per day; Which can be fed... Read more »
Dog fruit snacks

Dog fruit snacks – which fruit is bad for dog health?

Many people who have dogs as pets at home think about what to feed the dog for a balanced diet. Homemade food, packet food — or something else? Even after that many... Read more »
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels- balance dog food

Pure balance dog food- ensure best food for your pets

To feel confident that your dog is benefiting from its nutritious lifestyle, look for these external symptoms: 1. Glossy coat 2. No dry and flaky skin 3. Good appetite 4. There is... Read more »

Low phosphorus dog foods

We keep different animals such as dogs, cats, birds, turtles and many more. Pets bring joy and love to our lives. After living for a long time, pets became our closest friends... Read more »

Dog food list

Dog food- Dogs are commonly carnivorous. They eat almost all types of edibles. Wild dog breeds eat the meat, bones, various organs and digestive plants. Although dogs are carnivores, they consume very... Read more »