Christmas Cake Mix Gifts For This Year

Well as this see that there are certain things in life that we have planned for ourselves and we know that they will come true but then there comes God and there comes destiny and certain things in our life that we have not to plant at all happen and one of the worst things that happened this year is none other than coronavirus.

If one pays it is taking the lives of people the other way it has given a chance for the whole humanity to think about themselves and the way they are living their lives. And of course, coronavirus has put a full stop on our travel and the way we used to warmly greeted each other and that is why it is possible that the conditions might work throughout the winter season and you may not be able to visit your family for Christmas and at that point of time it is important to send them something as a gift.

Now, of course, you can always buy a gift card or a shopping card online and send it to them or there are even various gifts that you can buy online and send it along with flowers, using florist in Bangalore or anyone from your city as nowadays the florists sell everything that you need as an occasional gift. 

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But when it comes to Christmas it cannot be that regular give, after all, it’s Christmas and because you are not celebrating it your family it becomes your responsibility to make them feel special and vice versa.

Christmas Cake Ideas:

Today I’m going to show you how to make a perfect homemade Christmas cake mix that you can send to your families and you wouldn’t even have to step out of your house. The tradition of sending Mason jar gifts is very old. So let’s check them out – 

1) Vanilla Cake mix 

Christmas Cake

Now there are two things that you can do when you think of giving someone a vanilla cake mix you can either buy an industrial cake mix and pour it into a mason jar and add a list of other ingredients to be substituted, and you must remember the fact that if you are a beginner do not try practicing of mixing ingredients and then gifting because somebody else will be using these ingredients to bake the cake and because of your mistake their cake could be ruined.

Mostly mix and bake cake especially when it’s all you need to add are a few eggs. And because it is vanilla it is very easy to transform it into various flavors according to the season by adding icing and jam to it to make it look like a merry Christmas cake, and you can share this with your neighbors. 

2) Chocolate cake mix 

Well if there is anything that Christmas and winters are famous for it is none other than the chocolate. While it is winters we crave a lot of chocolate and it would be amazing to gift your loved ones a jar of chocolate cake mix because that can be easily made and transformed into a beautiful merry Christmas cakes with lots of golden and silver sugar balls or candied fruits over a fondant.

The decoration depends on the receiver of this gift but my suggestion to you if you are making chocolate cake mix for the very first time you should go for an industrial mix and of course as an add-on to your gift you can add candied fruits, candy canes, decorative edible grass, etc. whatever you think is necessary to make the cake decoration look like it’s already Christmas. 

3) Plum cake mix 

Plum cake is the best and the most special cake that we would want to eat at Christmas. And of course, it might be possible that it’s a tradition of eating plum cake during Christmas in your house and you might be missing this year. So how about sending the warm wishes in a mason jar to your loved ones. To make Christmas plum cake you’ll add in the Mason jar (just make sure to add these things in a zip lock separately so that they won’t be spoilt) 1/4th cup of raisins black and golden, dates and tutti-fruit.

Now add 1 cup brown sugar along with cardamom, clove, and an inch of cinnamon. That’s it, I know there are many more ingredients that you need to address but this can be added by the person whom you’re sending it because they are a lot of ingredients that you can fit in a small mason jar. But of course, if you want to add a cake mix then you can go for an industrial cake mix, and then these ingredients can be added along to make perfect new year cakes.

4) Rum cake mix 

Another variation in the plum cake mix is that of adding rum plum cake we are dry fruits in orange juice and rum cake we add the dry fruits to be soaked all night long in rum. So all you need to do is add a few or dry fruits in zip lock bags and stock them in a mason jar. Now take another mason jar and add in it vanilla cake mix. A combination of rum and vanilla which will take you directly to the sun and sand. In the cold that hits you during winter, this flavor is going to set you into the beaches of Los Angeles. 

5) Biscuit Cake mix 

Last but not the least, if you do not have a lot of options for your cake mix gift and you are like me in baking cake then there is a very simple option for you. Just purchase cookies or biscuits of the same taste and grind them into a fine powder. Add a list which says – just add – 1 teaspoon baking soda and milk accordingly. And the best part is that biscuit cake will taste exactly like the market-based cakes because of the additives in it, it may not taste fresh, but it’s a great choice when you are low on money and can’t afford much.

You can also send online birthday cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else of the same cake mix and your friends and family members will be able to feel your presence. And don’t worry you can make it from leftover cookies and biscuits too. 

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