Jackie Chan best comedy movies is not my blog keyword

Jackie Chan is a legend. I’m not Jackie Chan. It’s not my weakness. Jackie Chan has come to us with his creative work. We like Jackie Chan so much. I love Hollywood movies. I love Jackie Chan movies. Only two words “Jackie Chan” but the search volume of this keyword is absolutely big.

Regularly people all walks of life search this keyword. Best Hollywood movie, top movie online, Hollywood best movie list, etc are popular search keywords we know. Some keywords organically people search. Why? Basically people search online what they want. On the other hand people search online what they do all time. So we can write or do anything online what we everyday is doing. But we should follow some rules.

SEO rules for writing article

I think there is no SEO rule. SEO is randomly updated things online. SEO is a changing thing. There are no exact SEO rules and regulations to apply on website for getting SE ranking quickly.  But ethically there are some rules and regulations online. If you contribute online about something what you regularly want to do or love to do for the future your works will come to first rank on SE.

But if you want to do copy/paste type task online regularly basis then you will go down very soon. Many are doing their work online without any ethics. They are doing copy/paste from another post or rewriting same post regularly. This is not good to get higher ranking on search engine. You will do a big mistake if you do so.

Think what you love to read or write. You just start your writing for posting online regularly basis. Do not copy/paste from others. You will surely go top on search. Your keywords should have what you exactly think. Do not need thinking that “If I were a Jackie Chan”. So people do search online regularly and I become on top. There are many things or niches which you can choose for your writing online to be on top.

Why keywords important

No need to research keywords what people search randomly. You should write regularly different things what you want to do or love to write. There are more people like you in this world dear who want to write or do like you. So your work will be searched by someone or many it is damn sure.

Do not worry about it that what you’re. Just think you’re a man and come to this earth to do something exceptional for the future. This is the exact SEO rules. Your contribution, your sacrifices will go up and people will love you. Do not die online with your copy/paste work.

If you cannot write well okay you don’t have to write something like others. You just read from others online and make a strategy today for the next. This is the exact SEO rules. Sometimes you’re the consumer of others articles and sometimes someone will be consumer for you. It is the pure ethics online. Do not duplicate others. It will destroy your activity or creativity surely.

Last word

At the end of article I hereby declare that there are other articles. Find please what are the next articles will be. You can write next day, what I cannot write today. Thanks for reading my description.

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