Tisha Taylor Biography: Remembering an Inspiring Life

Tisha Taylor was a talented actress, singer, and dancer who made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She was born on May 31, 1964, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and passed away on March 22, 2010, due to complications from cervical cancer. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at her life and legacy.

Early Life and Career

Tisha Taylor was raised in a family of performers, and her mother was a well-known dancer. She began performing at a young age and developed a love for the arts. After high school, she attended Santa Monica College, where she studied theater and dance.

Taylor’s first big break came when she landed a role on the hit television show, “Martin,” in 1992. She played the character of Gina Waters, the love interest of Martin Lawrence’s character. The show was a huge success and ran for five seasons.

In addition to her work on “Martin,” Taylor appeared in a number of other television shows and movies throughout her career. She also pursued her passion for singing and released an album in 1998 titled “Tisha.”

Personal Life and Legacy

Tisha Taylor was married to actor and comedian Charlie Murphy, the older brother of Eddie Murphy. The couple met in the 1990s and married in 1997. They had two children together, a daughter named Eva and a son named Xavier.

In 2006, Taylor was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She underwent treatment, but the cancer returned in 2009 and eventually led to her passing in 2010. She was only 45 years old.

Taylor’s legacy lives on through her work in the entertainment industry and her advocacy for cancer awareness. After her diagnosis, she became an advocate for early detection and treatment of cervical cancer. Her husband, Charlie Murphy, established the Tisha Taylor Murphy Foundation in her honor, which supports cancer research and education.


Tisha Taylor’s life and career were cut short, but her impact on the entertainment industry and cancer awareness was significant. She was a talented actress, singer, and dancer who will always be remembered for her work on “Martin” and other television shows and movies. Her legacy lives on through her family and the foundation established in her honor. May she rest in peace.

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