Bangladesh has been famous for its greenery since ancient times due to its climate and soil quality. And this ceremony was not only limited to the number of trees, but also the variety of species was rich. Experts believe that in order to maintain the ecological balance, it is essential to have forest cover in 25% of the area of ​​a country. But compared to the area of ​​Bangladesh, the amount of forested area is only 7.7 percent and 14 percent of the land area.

Founder of MESO

To save the world we need planting trees more and more

On the occasion of World Environment Day, tree planting program of MAGURA EDUCATION SERVICE ORGANIZATION (MESO) has been observed.

Councilor, Ward 6, Magura Municipality

Yesterday, Saturday (June 5), saplings were given as gifts to the students of the educational institutions run by Magura Education Service Organization (MESO).

Member of MESO

Abdul Kader Goni Mohan, Councilor, Ward 6, Magura Municipality and Mir Mehedi Hasan Rubel, President, Magura District Student League, were present on the occasion.
Kamrul Islam, the founder of the organisation also spoke about the need and importance of tree plantation. Only by planting trees we can save our earth.

Writer: Md Istiaq Hossain (Teacher at MESO)

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