How long does a root canal take

How long does a root canal take

How long does a root canal take Depending on the extent of the infection in the tooth, a root canal treatment may require one or two visits to the doctor. On average,... Read more »

Read These Tips To Eliminate Teeth Holes

Children and old people of all ages suffer from toothache. Toothache, swollen gums, and small cavities are also common. Today’s blog you’ll know why teeth holes problems occur and how to remove... Read more »

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Tongue Disorders Facts: Read These 5 Tips

I am 25 years old, my tongue was like glue for 2 weeks and it was dry. The taste is very uncomfortable. Why does my tongue feel like that? I understand the... Read more »

Halitosis disease Common Bad breath causes, prevention

Presumably, one in four people in the general population suffers from Halitosis disease (common bad breath) complications. This embarrassing and socially uncomfortable condition can degrade one’s personality as well as create various... Read more »
Porphyria disease vampire

Porphyria disease vampire syndrome, Causes, Treatment

Every year, an organization called Scarecrow Vampire Fangs supplies 250,000 sets of vampire teeth to 35 countries around the world, especially during Halloween. Sharp, pointed teeth float in the mind as soon... Read more »

Common Dental Problems and treatment

Common Dental problems can lead different types of diseases. Dental health is associated with various organs of the body. If the health of the mouth is not good, all the important organs... Read more »