Tongue Disorders Facts: Read These 5 Tips

I am 25 years old, my tongue was like glue for 2 weeks and it was dry. The taste is very uncomfortable. Why does my tongue feel like that?

I understand the complaint you are feeling. The tongue is an organ of the body that acts as a sense of taste and sensation in the mouth area and aids in the movement of chewing food in the mouth. Therefore, the tongue plays an important role for the body. Some tongue disorders can cause uncomfortable complaints. However, you don’t have to worry; most interference with the tongue is harmless. Here I am describing Tongue Disorders Facts Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

Leukoplakia facts

White patches on the tongue caused by the growth of extra cells. Often leukoplakia is not dangerous, but it needs to be monitored because leukoplakia can also be a precancerous lesion / abnormality.

Oral thrush: Tongue Disorders Facts

Occurs due to fungus and is often known as candidiasis. Frequently found in infants, diabetic patients, asthma patients using inhalation drugs, immunocompromised patients and extensive use of antibiotics

Fissured tongue

Lack of vitamin B12 and folic acid can cause Fissured in the tongue and redness of the tongue

Geographical Tongue

Often called the Idaho map. A patched region / pattern appear above the tongue. Usually there are no dangerous disorders and therapy is not given in full, unless there are other complaints such as pain.

Tongue syndrome can be caused by other tongue disorders as a cause of inflammation and is often felt in menopausal women, enlarged and irritated papillae, for drug effects and conditions that require special attention, such as oral cancer.

Dry sensations on Tongue

The glue and dry sensations related to your complaint need to be further evaluated. Complaints that you are experiencing are probably the same as the ones you use when you are new to Stirrup for the first time, but if you have been using the stimulant for a long time, other possibilities may feel your complaints such as vitamin deficiency, minor trauma to the tongue and affecting it and other factors.

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You need to know that the tongue acts as a sense of taste and helps in the movement of swallowing and speaking. If all three actions are annoying, do not hesitate to see a doctor near you immediately. But if all the functions still work properly, you don’t have to worry. To ease the complaints you are experiencing, simply do the following:

Read These 5 Tips

1. Diligently clean the face and teeth area

 2. Always use a toothpick based on the doctor’s advice and control the teeth with perseverance

 3. Get enough water and nutritious food

4. Thoroughly clean the tongue from dirt / food scraps that have settled on the surface of the tongue with a toothbrush or a special tool for cleaning teeth.

5. Avoid foods / drinks that are too hot or too cold.

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About the Author: Md Abdullah

Lecturer at Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College (Dental Unit)