Common Dental Problems and treatment

Common Dental problems can lead different types of diseases. Dental health is associated with various organs of the body. If the health of the mouth is not good, all the important organs of the body can be affected by various complex diseases. This blog I’ve discussed in terms of common dental problems and treatment fundamental.

Diseases that can be occurred by common dental problems

Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers have found a link between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Various types of oral bacteria have also been found in the blood of Alzheimer’s patients. If there is inflammation of the gums for a long time, knowledge and consciousness may decrease.

Shortness of breath

Germs that invade the gums are also found in the lungs, which gradually cause inflammation in the lungs and causes breathing problems.

Heart disease

Dirt accumulates in the gums. Inflammation and infection from the gum disease caused by this can reach the heart through the blood.

Digestive problems

Dental problems can interfere with digestion. The main cause is that the digestion of food starts from the mouth.

Pregnancy complications

Those who have gum disease or gingivitis during pregnancy, their unborn child may be born underweight or prematurely and may have various complications.

Dental Problems: Prevention and remedy

Common Dental problems can lead to all kinds of complex diseases. So you have to be aware of dental care from childhood. You have to take care of your teeth with proper rules. Of course you have to brush well after dinner.

When buying toothpaste from the market, you must check whether it is rich in balanced fluoride and calcium. There are three types of toothpaste on the market for different ages.

Zero fluoride is required for children aged 0 to 5 years, toothpaste with 500 to 600 ppm fluoride is required for children between 5 and 12 years and toothpaste with 1000 ppm fluoride is required for adults. Dental floss and mouthwash can be used for special awareness.

In addition, every six months or twice a year you should consult a specialist.

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If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, it can cause cancer!

If proper dental care is not taken, on the one hand, the chances of getting toothache increase, on the other hand, tooth decay, mouth sores and bad breath will be a constant companion. But this is not the end of suffering. Oral cancer can inadvertently enter your life if you do not take proper care of your teeth and mouth. This cancer not only affects the lining of the mouth, but also destroys the bones, muscles and veins inside the mouth. Oral cancer can be cured with timely treatment, but the problem is that most people do not realize that they have the disease. So the toll of carelessness and negligence is exorbitant. Here are some special facts to know about raising awareness about oral cancer among yourself and your loved ones.

Why Dental Problems and cancer?

1. Excessive smoking

2. Excessive consumption of betel, jorda, betel spices

3. Excessive drinking

4. Getting out in the sun without using sunscreen and lip balm around the lips

5. The tendency not to brush your teeth regularly

Symptoms of dental cancer

1. A sore inside the mouth that does not heal with any medicine and lasts for more than 15 days.

2. Lumps inside the mouth or near the throat

3. Unbearable pain when swallowing or chewing something

4. The skin inside the cheeks continues to thicken

5. Numbness on the face

6. Holding the throat for a long time

7. White or red patches inside the mouth

8. Having trouble moving the jaw or tongue

9. If there are fake teeth, they do not fit properly inside the mouth

10. Loose gums and loose teeth

11. Having trouble speaking

12. Bleeding inside the mouth or lips

If you notice any of these symptoms in you or someone you know, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately.

Be careful about dental problems

Stay away from tobacco products such as cigarettes, pipes, cigars or betel, jorda, khaini, betel spices. Drink as little as possible.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion or lip balm around your lips when you are out in the sun.

The most important thing to increase the body’s resistance to disease is a balanced diet. Lack of nutrition increases the chances of disease several times. So pay special attention to food and drink.

Go to the dentist at least twice a year for a checkup. Don’t overlook even the slightest abnormality.

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About the Author: Md Abdullah

Lecturer at Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College (Dental Unit)