Read These Tips To Eliminate Teeth Holes

Children and old people of all ages suffer from toothache. Toothache, swollen gums, and small cavities are also common. Today’s blog you’ll know why teeth holes problems occur and how to remove tooth decay yourself.

There are small holes in the hard places of the teeth. These are called cavities. It is caused by bacteria. So you have to clean your teeth after every meal. In addition, in order to prevent food from accumulating in the gaps between the teeth, after eating, the accumulated dirt should be brought out with a thread or a thin stick. These accumulated food particles are most responsible for the bacteria in the teeth.

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From these bacteria a thick layer called plaque is formed in the teeth. This layer causes decay in our teeth.

If the cavity or hole is not treated at the beginning, the erosion starts to increase. It reaches the inner layer of the tooth, called the dentin. If you realize that the cavity is, you have to go to the doctor without wasting time.

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Teeth care tips at home

1. Mild hot salt water works very well for dental problems. This salt water prevents bacteria from growing inside the mouth and makes the cavity better. Saltwater neutralizes the pH level in our mouths by removing acids.

2. Lemons rich in vitamin C help to destroy germs. Lemon also removes pain from the cavity. Chew a slice of lemon on your face. Then rinse with lukewarm water.

3. Many people brush their teeth with neem stick, which keeps the teeth well. The fiber in the bottom will not allow plaque to form on the teeth. Wash your face by chewing a few neem leaves. Although many people do not like neem for its bitter taste, it works very well to heal the cavity.

4. Vitamin D helps to collect calcium and phosphorus from the food you eat. Studies have shown that vitamin D can relieve cavity problems.

5. Fluoride works very well to get rid of cavity problems and protect tooth enamel. Studies have shown that brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste every day does not cause cavities.

6. Do not eat too much sweet food. Sweet foods do the most damage to teeth.

7. Apply sesame or coconut oil on the teeth for 10 minutes. Then rinse. Clinical trials have shown that doing so with sesame oil reduces plaque, gingivitis and oral bacteria.

8. Clove is very useful in healing the cavity. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients in it prevent the cavity from spreading.

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About the Author: Md Abdullah

Lecturer at Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College (Dental Unit)