Israeli Economy news

I met a fantastic tour guide in Israel specializing in military tours in Israel; he took me to the most remarkable places related to Israeli combat battle heritage. This is an amazing... Read more »

Interesting Stats on Seniors and Technology Use

Seniors-and-technology-use- One thing that you might not often hear in a sentence is elderly and technology. This demographic is known to be the least tech-savvy of them all. However, in recent years,... Read more »

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Smartphone- Smartphone is turning into hot

Why the Smartphone is turning into hot?

Smartphone is turning into hot- In technology-based age, everyone uses smart phones. But one of the problems of Smartphone is that the device turns into hot in the middle of using. There... Read more »

Mona Lisa got life by deepfake technology

Using artificial intelligence, the famous painting ‘ Mona Lisa ‘ is given artificial life. The scene was seen in the technology center of a Samsung AI center. Are you remembering the pictures... Read more »

Huawei Mate X Folding Phone will come late

Huawei Mate X Folding Phone- Smartphone Mate X will be brought to market later than expected, said Huawei, Chinese technology giant. According to the announcement this summer was due to come the... Read more »

The benefits that Apple brings recent iPadOS

The benefits that Apple brings- The next generation of operating systems for iPhone and iPad users ‘iOS 13’ announced the US technology company Apple Recently, the new edition is announced in the... Read more »
Donald Trump emergency announcement

Donald Trump emergency announcement on cyber security

Donald Trump emergency announcement- US President Donald Trump announced the state of emergency to protect US computer network from ‘foreign opponents’. Today’s information was found in a BBC report on Thursday16/05/2019. Donald... Read more »

Amazon satellite internet- for the deprived people worldwide

3,000 satellites in space for the internet deprived people worldwide Amazon satellite internet- In order to provide fast broadband internet services to the deprived population of the world, online-based trading firm Amazon... Read more »
Black hole image searching

Black hole image NASA- Katie Bouman Captured

Black hole image NASA- For the first time, scientists have been able to take pictures of black holes. But most of the photos of black-holes photographs are contributed by her name Katherine... Read more »
Surprise in Russian-Supersonic-Tu-160M2

Surprise in Russian sky Tu-160M2 Supersonic

Surprise in Russian- Russia has on the biggest upgrade of the world’s largest supersonic especial bomber, the Tupolev Tu-160M2 “White Swan” NATO mentioned “Blackjack”. Country: Russia Outside: Blackjack First Buyer: Russian Air... Read more »