VPN basics: What it is, How it Operates, Why Use It?

Basics of a VPN- Before talking about how a VPN operates, let’s first get to understand what the term VPN means. The initials VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Just as the name suggests, VPN service offers users a private network for them to get connected to the internet safely and securely. Primarily, the key objective of a VPN is to maintain your private information private. A VPN develops a secured link between you and the internet, enabling your information to be sent through an encrypted virtual tunnel.

How Does VPN Work?

First, you need to find a reliable VPN service provider that you can download and install. Then make your security settings and establish a secure connection through your preferred VPN server. After setting up a secure connection, the VPN will work as follows:

1. The VPN you installed on your device encrypts the information and transfers it to the VPN server via a secured connection.

2. The encrypted information being transferred from your device is then decrypted by the VPN server.

3. Then, the VPN server would transfer your information across the internet and fetch a reply, which is directed to you, the user.

4. The data is then encrypted by the VPN server before being sent to you.

5. Finally, the Virtual Private Network application you installed on your computer will decrypt the information for you to comprehend and use it.

As indicated, the VPN service allows information to be encrypted and this makes it hard for potential hackers to intercept and view data without authorization. Also, since the connection is secured, it offers you anonymity because your connection through the internet gets re-routed via a safe and secure Virtual Private Network server. And because you would be accessing the internet through an IP address of the VPN server, your actual IP address would be anonymous.

What Does a VPN Do for You?

Many individuals use a VPN service for several reasons. Some of the reasons are certain, whereas other individuals only use a VPN service as an additional security measure while surfing the internet.
However, here are some of the key things that a Virtual Private Network can do for you:

1. A key reason for users installing and using a Virtual Private Network is to avoid anybody, from the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or Wi-Fi networks from invading on your privacy or stealing private data while surfing the web.

2. Other people also use VPN services to be anonymous on public wifi a VPN changes your ip adres so that hackers on the same wifi can’t break in to your personal data!

3. Another major reason why you need a VPN service is to have anonymity while accessing the internet. Many individuals are becoming more and more sensitive regarding their data when surfing the web. People are looking for ways to shop online, pay for services online without compromising their credit card or PayPal data. Virtual Private Networks play a key role in maintaining anonymity while doing so.

Finally, for whatever reasons you decide to use a VPN service, you can rest assured that using a reliable one would significantly enhance your safety and security as well as anonymity while surfing the web. If you have interest to get VPN then check out our Top 10 VPN.

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