China technology news- new weapon unveiled

China technology news- China has become a leading scientific and industrial power in more advanced fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, supercomputing, bullet trains, aeronautics and others.

China has a 1 trillion plan to overtake the United States in technology. The move to global dominance in technology will range from wireless networks to artificial intelligence, led by President Xi Jinping himself.

China has developed some of the most advanced and sophisticated weapons in the world. In terms of military power, the sea, the sky, the space and the Internet, they have established themselves as one of the strongest in all fields. In some cases, Beijing is already the best in the world. They continue to dominate the Indian Ocean. China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) could soon launch a military operation in Taiwan to demonstrate its unparalleled strength.

China new weapon technology unveiled- named Sky Thunder

China technology news- China has unveiled new weapons technology amid rising tensions with Taiwan and the United States. According to the country’s state media, the Tianlei 500 can be used to launch 500kg of explosives at pre-determined targets. At the same time, it can also launch missile attacks from the sky to the ground. This technology is called Sky Thunder. It can carry six different types of explosives and attack different targets, said a senior engineer. This information has come from the report of the British media Guardian.

China has unveiled new weapons technology amid growing tensions with the United States and Taiwan over the Taiwan, Hong Kong, South China Sea and coronavirus epidemics. The Taiwanese government announced on Monday that it would tighten restrictions on new arrivals to prevent Chinese spies from entering the island. Taiwan, meanwhile, has recently finalized a 600 million purchase of F-16 fighter jets from the United States. China’s state media called the deal a provocation.

Meanwhile, the United States conducted exercises last week on the disputed South China Sea border. The region’s military has also conducted shelling exercises in the northern and southern parts of the Taiwan Strait. The Chinese military has called the exercises “provocative” and said it would send the wrong message to Taiwan’s freedom fighters.

Meanwhile, China’s state-run media editorial and the country’s top officials have called for an end to tensions with the United States. However, they blamed Washington for creating tensions.

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