How To Make Money From Deleted Expired Domains?

A lot of students wanted to make online money to meet their monthly expenses and to pay for their college dues. Most of the users search on Google for different ways to earn money from home. If you want to make money from deleted domains then it is very easy.

Before we talk further on this, you must learn some more tips about how to earn money online without investment for students.

Let’s now talk about making money from expired domains:

Why Domains Get Expired?

There are millions of bloggers who are working online and there are hundreds of thousands of businesses who are also working online to promote their business. Sometimes it happens that a blogger or a business owner is not making money from the website.

When they are not making money, they don’t renew their domain for the next term and domain gets expired.

While, there are some domain owners, both bloggers and business owners, who just forget to renew their domain because of their busy schedule. They keep themselves busy with other work that grace period of domain renewal also pass and the domain gets deleted and added into the available for register domains list.

Why Expired Domains Are Important?

Remember that every expired or deleted domain is not important. There are some domains that are important and you can make money from deleted domains. You have to check which domains are important and are good to invest.

If there is a business owner who is making good amount of money from the website but due to his busy schedule or holiday season, he forgets to renew his domain and it gets deleted, then this domain is important.

The same thing can happen with a blog that is making a good amount of money by monetizing the content on the domain or by selling his services. He can also forget to renew his domain that has a good ranking in Google.

So these kinds of domains are important as the original owner need these domains.

How to Make Money From Deleted Domains?

You can buy the domains which are important for the original owners but are in the deleted list. Then you have different options to make money from these domains.

  • Sale it to the original owner at a higher price
  • Start your own business and use the rankings and traffic of that domain
  • Sell that domain to another competitor of the original owner at a higher price
  • Star selling guest posting on high DA site which is deleted domain

How to Find Deleted Domains?

It is not a difficult task to find the deleted domains. You can try the auctions on different domain registrars. For example, you can register yourself on Godaddy and look for the domains in auctions.

You can also find the deleted domains from which updates its list every single minute by adding the newly expired domains which are available for registration.

If you register an account on, you can have many filters to find out the domains of your choice.

Watch This Video To Know How to Find Deleted Domains

Things To Consider Before Buying a Deleted Domain

As I said earlier, every deleted domain is not important. So, you should consider a few things before buying a deleted domain.

If you are going to buy a deleted domain because of it brand name then you should have an idea whether the original owner still have interest in that domain? Or you should have an idea that whether the competitor of that business will show interest in buying that domain from you?

If it is from a reputed brand, high chances are there that original owner will try to get the domain from you at a reasonable cost. For example, if you buy the domain in $12, the brand would try its best to get it back even at $100 or more.

Deleted Domains Indexed in Google?

If you are buying it to use its traffic by redirecting this domain to your existing domain, then you should check whether the domain is still indexed in Google or not? You can check this by writing a query in Google “”

Here will be the domain you are going to buy. If the domain is deindexed, then don’t go after it. If the domain is still indexed then it is a plus point for you.

MOZ Domain Authority and Spam Score

You should also check the MOZ Domain Authority (DA) of that deleted domain. If it is 20+ or even 15+ then it could be a good choice to use for creating a PBN for SEO. Or you can sell this domain at a high price if its DA is high.

Also, check the SPAM Score of that domain from MOZ. If the spam score is less than 10% then it is good for you. If it is higher than 10% then it might be risky for you.

AHREFs Domain Rank

Domain Rank is another factor that you can check from the AHREFs tool. If the domain rank (DR) of the domain is higher than 20 then it is a good sign. You should also check the link profile of that domain from AHREFs. The link profile should be clean.

So overall, when a domain is indexed in Google, have DA 20+, spam score less than 10% and DR 20+ then you should buy that domain. One more thing that you should consider is the Wayback Machine. The way back machine will show you the history of the domain.

If this domain is used for gambling or illegal content or adult content then don’t buy that for guest posting or for PBN.

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