Cyber risk- tips to get safe from cyber-crime

Cyber risk- In the age of globalization, there are no people around the world who are unfamiliar with computers and smart devices. With the advancement of technology, ordinary people are also accustomed to using the internet, especially social media. But it goes that every good side has a bad side. How one uses technology depends on one’s moral education and purpose…However, any misuse of technology is a crime. Here I’ve described some tips to get safe from cyber-crime.

About Cyber-crime

Cyber-crime is the use of digital technology to engage in criminal activities in cyberspace. Used as a medium where computers, internet networks, digital devices and through which any kind of damage is done by unauthorized access to the computer or network of any person or organization. Stealing or damaging financial, personal confidential information, or information related to the identity of an individual or his or her family and colleagues is primarily a cyber crime. When life is on the internet, someone is searching the internet for every piece of information at every moment. And while doing this search, you have to give your personal e-mail address, name, profession, location without knowing it on many sites.

The information we provide must be stored on a server. Now if that server is a victim of a virus or malware attack then the security of personal information is threatened. Simply put, cyber security is the type of protection that protects hardware, software and data, as well as systems connected via the Internet, from any type of cyber attack. Cyber crime is common in the country – identity theft and misuse of personal information, cyber bullying, internet fraud, ATM fraud, wire fraud, file sharing and piracy, digital fraud, child pornography, money laundering and counterfeiting, spam, hacking, computer viruses. In addition, to avoid DOS attacks, spam, and e-mail hacking sabotage cyber crime.

Ten tips to get safe from cyber-crime

1. Stay away from using public WiFi. Because hackers can take control of devices under the same network if they want.

2. Before or after the wedding, you should never take or share any pictures that may or may not have a relationship that could cause problems for a third party.

3. Even if you delete the picture 100 times, there is still a possibility of recovering it, so refrain from taking touching pictures. Also refrain from selling your used old phone.

4. No matter what happens, refrain from sharing your personal password.

5. Do not share any personal photos, especially on Facebook or Emoji. If you have already shared, delete the entire conversation. One’s account is hacked but the other will be in danger.

6. Think twice before clicking on a link. Because after clicking on the malware link, access to your account will go to the hacker.

7. If you want to fix the phone in the store, stay by the side until it is fixed.

8. Refrain from exchanging dollars or pounds online. Since it is illegal in the eyes of the law…If you get into trouble later or get caught selling dollars, you will not get legal help.

9. When buying products online, check it well.

10. If there is any problem related to cyber crime, online blackmail, threat of spreading pictures online, contact the nearest police station immediately.

Recent cyber attack using the name Coronavirus worldwide

Hackers are carrying out cyber attacks using the name of the deadly coronavirus which is constantly spreading all over the world.

Coronavirus: Hackers targeting hospitals in cyber attacks

At a time when coronavirus is causing panic all over the world, a class of cyber criminals is hacking the information about people with data rich malware.

Recently, the world-famous magazine Forbes reported in a report that hackers are carrying out cyber attacks using the name coronavirus in 22 countries. These criminals are also doing phishing campaigns. And the emuted group is working on this. They use the names of various health organizations to send emails to users to raise awareness. Users’ accounts are hacked as soon as that mail is opened.

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