Secondary Symptoms of breast cancer and treatment

If breast cancer diagnosed early, the chances of the patient getting better are greatly increased. Today’s blog I’ll discuss about symptoms and treatment of breast cancer.

Why is the chance of breast cancer increasing?

1. First of all, it is responsible for the radical change in our way of life. We eat a lot of fast food nowadays, eat very little green vegetables, do less physical activity – which makes us suffer from excess obesity. Obesity is one of the major causes of breast cancer.

2. Taking the baby late.

3. Reluctance or inability to breastfeed the baby (such as working women suffer more from this problem).

4. Older, the average life expectancy increases, the incidence of this disease is increasing.

5. Early screening means that people are seeking medical attention before they are affected of the disease. As a result, the disease is being diagnosed at an early stage.

Wheels appear on armpits

If the cancer has expanded, then the symptoms of the expansion have appeared, such as-

  1. Abdominal pain or jaundice occurs when spread to the liver.

2. Coughing in the lungs can even cause coughing up blood.

3. Severe pain in the bones.


* Wheels appear on the breast.

* Changes in the skin color of the breast or thickening of the skin. (Like an orange peel)

* Nipple going inside.

* Nipple with blood or pus.

Diagnosis or identification test

At first the specialist takes the patient’s history of the disease, performs a physical examination. Breast cancer is diagnosed through various tests. Experts apply it in observance with the age of the patient.

* Mammography * Ultrasonography * MRI * FNAC – Wheel to * Biopsy / Meat examination


If diagnosed early, 90-95 percent of patients can dream of recovery. The treatment of this cancer is mainly divided into several parts-

* Surgery * Chemotherapy * Radiotherapy

* Hormone therapy * Targeted therapy.


Patients may need surgery at any condition of breast cancer. Whether surgery can be done or what type of surgery will be the primary consideration.The decision will be made by the surgeon and the oncologist. Many times only the tumor is removed. Many times the whole Brest is thrown away.


Almost all patients have to take chemotherapy. Chemotherapy options even before or after surgery if the disease has transfused to other parts of the body. Although chemotherapy has some huge side effects, there is no substitute for chemotherapy to heal the patient. The cancer specialist gives right advice considering the physical condition of the patient, the effectiveness of the chemotherapy, the financial condition of the patient etc. Physicians also prescribe chemotherapy to reduce side effects.

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Radiotherapy treatment is given to the patients through special type of machine. Its side effects are comparatively much less. Radiotherapy is given immediately after general chemotherapy. Not only in the breast, but also if the cancer has spread to the bones, radiotherapy can be used to prevent bone fractures.

Hormone therapy:

Hormones are not needed for all breast cancer patients. Cancer experts identify who needs hormone treatment through various tests.

Breast Cancer Screening is important for cancer prevention. Everyone should know about this by meeting with cancer specialists and should come under this program. If the disease will diagnose at an early stage then the patient will recover quickly. With some changes in our orderly lifestyle (which is the cause of cancer) the incidence of this disease will greatly reduce. The position of people with healthy and beautiful life in our society will more strengthen.

Who is at risk?

* Older women * who have a family history of breast cancer * Women who have not breastfed their babies * Mutations due to mutations in genes called BRCA-1, BRCA-2 * Menstruation at a young age * Late menstruation * Alcoholism If you have atypical ductal or lobular hyperplasia * If you have any other cancer such as colon, ovarian cancer.

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