Big flathead catfish

Catfish Order: Siluriformes or Nematognathi is a diverse group of ray-wing fish. Their distinctive nomenclature is the detritivores (species) of the three largest living species of mustaches, similar in size to a cat-like mustache, range in size and behavior, from the Mekong giant catfish to Southeast Asia, the Wels catfish to Eurasia and the piraíba to South America (Which eats the dead material below). Neither the armored-plated type nor the blank types have fiber. Despite their names, they do not have all the prominent barbells or “whiskers”. Members of the Siluriformes Order are defined by the skull and cracker properties. This fishes have considerable commercial importance; many of the larger species are farmed or fished for food. Many small species of aquarium hobbies, especially the Corydoras species, are important.

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Common Flathead Catfish: Features and Facts

The common catfish (European, river) is a huge freshwater fish that has no Fibers. Living in rivers and lakes, this predator is the largest freshwater fish, second only to the beluga in size. True, it is the migratory fish that enters the river for development.

Ordinary catfish do not tolerate clay water at all. For this reason, these fish go to the mouths of tributaries during floods – in search of clear water. For the same reason in floods they often prefer to stay in floodplain lakes or river.

Like most predatory fish, the common breed grows very fast and becomes sexually mature in the fourth year of life. The ability of this species to reproduce in catfish occurs when the fish reaches a size of about 60 cm and weighs 3 kg. These parameters are characteristic of five-year-old catfish. Common catfish can breed (spanning) in summer or spring, depending on where they live.

This fish belongs to the centenarians. Scientists claim that they can live up to fifty years. However, not every common breed survives at such a respectable age. How long do these fish stay? The average life expectancy is (under favorable conditions) from thirty-five to forty-five years.

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