Friesian horse

Friesian horse brief information

The friesian horse is a horse breed in the Netherlands, also known as the Belgian Black UK. Across the continent of Europe, this horse once stepped on the battlefield very smartly and... Read more »
Big horse breeds

Big horse breeds

In this blog post, I have identified some big breeds of horses. The speed of these horse breeds is the best. We know the speed of this noble animal. We know the... Read more »

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Smallest horse

Smallest horse in the world

The horse is a symbol of speed. There was a time when horse racing would bring speed to every life. Horses are royal animals. The power of this royal species is manifested... Read more »
guinea pigs

How long do guinea pigs live

Commonly guinea pigs live as pet average five to seven years. This lifetime is longer than many other small pets. Example: hamsters, gerbils, rats, all of them survive for only a few... Read more »
Pygmy goats

Pygmy goats

Pygmy goats are good pets. The goat breeds are friendly, easy to handle, social, and love to play. These are small domestic goat, originally native to Southwest Asia. Research shows, goats were... Read more »
einstein horse

Einstein horse smallest in the world

Listen Einstein the horse voice at first. “I am Einstein, the smallest horsebreed ever born!” Einstein the horse smallest stallion is constantly promoting himself on his social media accounts through new photos... Read more »
Arabian Sand Boa

Arabian Sand Boa

Arabian sand boa (Eryx jayakari) is a small snake, snakes lurking under hot sand that inhabit the Arabian Peninsula and Iran. It spends the day buried in the sand. Its eyes are... Read more »
Black rat snake

Black rat snake

Black rat snakes are very common in the American Central and East American United States. These snakes can be seen living in various habitats from rocky hills to flat farms and are... Read more »

Flathead Catfish near me facts | a catfish picture

Catfish Order: Siluriformes or Nematognathi is a diverse group of ray-wing fish. Their distinctive nomenclature is the detritivores (species) of the three largest living species of mustaches, similar in size to a... Read more »

Black panther animal- There are black tigers

Black panther animal- Black tigers were seen in the Sundarbans. Some local fishermen claim to have seen the black Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sundarbans crocodile forest. The forest department has come... Read more »