Anticancer virus research a new engineered virus T-VEC

Cancer is the name of a terrible terror for us. People have been fighting cancer for ages. Many therapies have been discovered. But none of them has become a perfect weapon against cancer. But recently, scientists are talking about a new medical weapon. They want to cure cancer with the virus. A recent study has revealed a virus that can cure some cancers. Today’s blog I’ve discussed about anticancer virus (a new engineered virus T-VEC).

The cells in our body move and grow in an extremely disciplined manner. Its function depends on the position of the cell in the body. Just as one type of cell carries oxygen and carbon dioxide into the blood, so does another type of cell secrete insulin and saliva, etc. Again, special types of immune cells work in the body to protect the wound and heal it.

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Cancer cells VS normal cells

Almost all types of cells divide over time. Again, the cells themselves stop the unnecessary division. When a wound is made anywhere on the body, it heals and becomes just like before. The cells do not grow unnecessarily. If the body’s cells ever lose their control and grow abnormally, it is called a tumor. These tumors expand and become cancerous. Although cancer cells look like normal cells, they are completely different. Their job is to cross the boundaries and move around physically. They collect their nutrients from other cells. Again, they take the weak cells in their group and make their team heavier.

The body’s immune cells patrol all over the body and destroy harmful germs. But they fail to destroy the cancer cells. Because they look like normal cells, the patrol cells cannot distinguish them. As a result, the cancer cells grow and spread throughout the body.

Viruses are smaller than bacteria. They cannot be called living or inanimate. Viruses, like bacteria, cannot survive outside the cell. So they are hidden inside our cells.

Some viruses hide inside our cells and destroy the cells. As a result, various diseases settle in the body. Harmful viruses can spread quickly in our body. Some viruses take a long time to spread. They gradually spread throughout the body and overwhelm us with opportunities. Not all viruses attack all types of cells again. Just as the hepatitis virus attacks our liver cells, the HIV virus infects our immune cells. However, many viruses lurk in the cells of our body for fear of the immune system. For a long time, they secretly spread our immune cells throughout the body.

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An engineered virus T-VEC

If human immune cells can be strengthened, it will be easier to fight off harmful cancer cells or viruses. Surprisingly, the appearance and function of tiny viruses can be changed in the laboratory. It is possible to create an engineered virus by cutting out the bad and harmful parts of the virus and adding the necessary auxiliary properties. Scientists have recently tried that. They have developed an engineered virus T-VEC that can help our immune cells to fight off melanoma or skin cancer cells.

Scientists have used the virus (herpes simplex one) for this. In 2017, T-VEC was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the world’s first anti-cancer virus. This virus has successfully cured skin cancer. T-VEC is currently being transmitted directly to tumor or cancer cell origin. However, scientists are trying to make it suitable for direct circulation in the blood. The T-VEC acts a lot like a spy on the body. They secretly enter healthy cells. But there is no reaction. But as soon as it enters the cancer cells, it sends a signal to wake up our immune cells. As a result, the immune cells are able to identify and destroy the cancer cells precisely. The day may not be far off when scientists will present us with all kinds of cancer-fighting viruses. Cancer treatment will become much easier.

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