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Citizen Free Press

Citizen Free Press is an open virtual space where all the news of the world is easily published. Every news is here equipped with easy links, anyone can easily browse the news... Read more »
Serial Killer

Serial Killer

A serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more persons, with the murders taking place over more than a month and including a significant period of time between them.... Read more »

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Latest-war-weapons-Trade-Green Battle Tank

Latest war weapons Trade: Terrible arms trade is going on

Terrible arms trade is going on in the name of world war, 100 billion dollars a year! Terrible arms trade is rampant in the name of global war. Developing countries are urging... Read more »
COVID-19 in India

The second wave of COVID-19 in India

Coronavirus has spread all over the world in its horrible form. The virus has been rampant in Europe and America for the past one year. Despite improved health care, millions of people... Read more »
The city of Bangladesh lockdown

Crackdown inside lockdown in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of green nature. This year Bangladesh has celebrated 50 years of independence by overcoming various adversities. Lockdown is now underway across the country due to the deadly effects... Read more »
Dust particles

Dust particles | harmful effects for human civilization

Dust particle is a big curse for the modern age. It is true that modern civilization, the combination of artificial machinery, factories, roads, etc. built by destroying green nature have brought artificial... Read more »
worldwide coronavirus

Worldwide Coronavirus case study 2021

The coronavirus has brought a curse to humans since 2020. The virus has so far killed millions of people around the world. Although several vaccines have been developed against the virus, no... Read more »
Myanmar-latest-news blog

Myanmar latest news blog today

On this blog article we will consistently write about the daily news in Myanmar. The goal of this blog news is to highlight the recent events in Myanmar. Myanmar latest news blog... Read more »
US public charge

USA latest news blog: “public charge” policy

The U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit over the economic viability of immigration. As a result, A-related restrictions are being lifted. Biden has instructed that the “public charge” policy be immediately... Read more »
Biden pet german shepherd dog

Biden pet moved out of the white house

When President Joe Biden came to the White House with his family, he was accompanied by a ‘Major’. He is also a member of the President’s family. But as soon as he... Read more »