Russian-Weapons chess board

3 Latest Russian Weapon Systems proven monster of war

Hello everyone welcome again with us at weapon technology blog. Today I’m going to engage you to see three Russian weapon systems that have no equivalence anywhere in the world. Before reading... Read more »
YouTube Monetization big changes

YouTube Monetization Policy big changes Effects

YouTube is an online video-sharing platform. This platform headquarter is in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—created the service in February 2005. Google bought this... Read more »

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American terrorism: The black-and-white-concept of terror

Many Western intellectuals are trying to divide the world into two parts with ‘Nine-Eleven’. What they are trying to say about the two worlds before and after this terrorist attack is, in... Read more »

Biden pet dogs are going to the White House

US President Donald Trump has spent four consecutive years in the White House. However, many have expressed hope that the lifeless White House will be revived this time. The newly elected president... Read more »
Latest-war-weapons-Trade-Green Battle Tank

Latest war weapons Trade: Terrible arms trade is going on

Terrible arms trade is going on in the name of world war, 100 billion dollars a year! Terrible arms trade is rampant in the name of global war. Developing countries are urging... Read more »

5 Part time job Good income | Work from home | freelance

You study in college or school? If you run a Part time job or business, some of the extra money may come for your education and handouts. So in this article I... Read more »

Biden and Trump debate – US election

Biden and Trump replace second debate Biden and Trump debate 2020. US Presidential election inspires all democratic countries worldwide. This country is the model of all. USA dominate this world and with... Read more »

100 Largest things in the world – questions and answers

Largest things in the world There are many large things on the earth planet. This question and answer blog focuses some largest things in the world. Question: Which is the biggest continent... Read more »

VP Nur | Royal Bengal Tiger arisen in Bangladesh politics

VP Nur biography– He is a well-known student leader of Bangladesh. During the quota reform movement in 2018, he came to the fore as one of the joint conveners of the Bangladesh... Read more »

Joe Biden running mate- Kamala Harris attracts Hindu vote

Joe Biden running mate- These Hindus are the fourth largest religion in the United States. But before that, there was a fight between the Muslim vote and the Jewish vote in the... Read more »