Joe Biden running mate- Kamala Harris attracts Hindu vote

Joe Biden running mate- These Hindus are the fourth largest religion in the United States. But before that, there was a fight between the Muslim vote and the Jewish vote in the... Read more »
Donald Trump web-polls

Donald Trump web pin worldwide news

Donald Trump web- Donald Trump everywhere! It’s a historic time. Donald Trump will come again. The leader will bite all the apples of the world to dominate… US will merge again. The... Read more »

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Worldwide annual flu deaths- pandemic report

Worldwide annual flu deaths- In addition to the pandemic, influenza is a major deadly disease for adults and children. Many people die from the viral infection every year. Many die from infections... Read more »

Donald Trump speech against Joe Biden

Donald Trump speech- US President Donald Trump has launched an unprecedented attack on Joe Biden. Note that the presidential election is going to be held in November this year. Democrat candidate Joe... Read more »
Donald Trump web-polls

Trump polls is criticized for telling voters to vote twice

Although the US presidential election will be held on November 3, the postal voting process will start from Friday. People in the state of North Carolina are being sent mail-in ballot papers.... Read more »

Trump a threat to national security: Former FBI official

Peter Strzok, a former FBI official, has called President Donald Trump a threat to US national security. The former FBI official described Trump as a national threat in a new book, according... Read more »

Egyptian gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt

Egyptian- There is no shortage of curiosity about the ancient world. What they did, how they walked, what their eating habits were, what the treatment of various diseases was, etc., various things... Read more »

Biden VP Kamala Harris is an Indian descent!

Biden VP– Kamala Harris, of Indian descent, has been announced as the Democratic Vice President candidate of the United States. Biden running mate Joe Biden has announced Kamala Harris of Indian descent... Read more »

Donald trump news- from TV star to US President

Donald trump news- Long before he was elected president, Donald Trump was on the list of famous and colorful people in the United States. In particular, he was known and discussed as... Read more »

Black panther- There are black tigers in the Sundarbans

Black panther- Black tigers were seen in the Sundarbans. Some local fishermen claim to have seen the black Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sundarbans crocodile forest. The forest department has come to... Read more »