How to look younger naturally – 7 Beauty tips

It’s been a long time since Eve took her first bite of the apple, but humanity is still obsessed with beauty. The truth is that we start the aging process as soon... Read more »
get-rid-of-dandruff home remedies

6 easy home remedies to get rid of dandruff naturally

The problem of dandruff increases in the dry season. Extra care needs to be taken at this time to reduce the dandruff problem. You can use natural ingredients to eliminate the problem... Read more »

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stop skin aging

How to stop skin aging naturally at home

It is very normal for the skin aging spots with age.  Usually we call it the impression of age. In order to reduce the impression of age on the skin, you have... Read more »

How to stop hair fall immediately at home naturally with no cost

Almost everyone suffers from hair loss problems. Many people become empty-headed at a young age. Hair loss can be a problem for many reasons. To stop hair fall immediately you should follow... Read more »

How To Make Tomato Face Toner for oily skin at home

Regular heavy makeup, use of various skin products can ruin our skin. In addition, the skin loses its natural beauty due to cold water and dust. There are various brands of face... Read more »
Application for TC

Application for TC – (Transfer Certificate)

Suppose your father has been transferred from one area to another area. Now, write an application to the Principal of your college for a TC. Transfer Certificate Application Format: 21 November, 2020... Read more »