Tree plantation magura


Bangladesh has been famous for its greenery since ancient times due to its climate and soil quality. And this ceremony was not only limited to the number of trees, but also the... Read more »
Dust particles

Dust particles | harmful effects for human civilization

Dust particle is a big curse for the modern age. It is true that modern civilization, the combination of artificial machinery, factories, roads, etc. built by destroying green nature have brought artificial... Read more »

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minimize CO2 emissions

Changes to city procurement can minimize CO2 emissions?

This blog was firstly published by Anna Lisa Boni on Cities Today, an engaging news platform on urban mobility and innovation, reaching an international visitors of city leaders. For the latest updates... Read more »

Wangari Maathai quotes vs Greta Thunberg green war

In February last year, NASA announced that the current Earth is greener than it was 20 to 21 years ago! NASA provided the data comparing satellite images from two decades ago last... Read more »

Man made Deforestation threat worldwide

Deforestation threat worldwide- As citizens from all over the world, we are terrified to see the rapid spike in Amazon rainforest destruction in recent year. The fate of humanity rests on the... Read more »