June Almeida

Coronavirus discovery woman who first discovered the covid-19

The woman who first discovered the existence of coronavirus in the human body was the daughter of a Scottish bus driver who dropped out of school at the age of 16. June... Read more »

What Diseases Frozen in Ice could be hidden in our Glaciers?

The sleeping germs under the ice are waking up… From the earliest times of human history, humans have been living side by side with bacteria and viruses. We have been able to... Read more »

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Some Reasons Why Humans May Not Have Come From Earth

We’re the real alien of this earth with our weapons. What we’re doing on earth all things are going against earth nature. We’re not good things for earth. I’m Khan Mashiur Rahman... Read more »

Mona Lisa got life by deepfake technology

Using artificial intelligence, the famous painting ‘ Mona Lisa ‘ is given artificial life. The scene was seen in the technology center of a Samsung AI center. Are you remembering the pictures... Read more »

Amazon Satellites in space for the internet deprived people worldwide

3,000 satellites in space for the internet deprived people worldwide In order to provide fast broadband internet services to the deprived population of the world, online-based trading firm Amazon has planned to... Read more »

Katie Bouman Captured the Black Hole Image

For the first time, scientists have been able to take pictures of black holes. But most of the photos of black-holes photographs are contributed by her name Katherine Louise Bouman . The... Read more »

First Image of a Black Hole captured

For the first time, the picture of black hole was taken by scientists Space scientists have been able to take pictures of a black hole or black hole for the first time.... Read more »