Dog Bite Attorney

Dog Bite Attorney

Seeking Justice: The Role of a Dog Bite Attorney A dog bite can be a traumatic experience, leaving victims with physical, emotional, and financial challenges. When facing such situations, it’s essential to... Read more »

Houston Maritime Attorney list To Communicating

Looking for a lawyer? Check it out: Houston maritime attorney list: This is a listing of 10 lawyers, legal aid organizations, and pro bono legal service organizations. Houston Maritime Attorney list 1.... Read more »

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Punishment against cybercrime

Punishment against cybercrime

Punishment against cybercrime- Posting scandalous or confusing things, uploading pictures or videos, posting confusing posts by opening someone’s named account, giving a status or sharing or liking may also cause online crime.... Read more »
Cyber Crimes

Measures against Cyber Crimes

Less cost of using Internet technology and easy access to computer connection with Internet is increasing the users in the cyber world. As everyone can easily use cyberspace without paying so much... Read more »
Comparison of legal system

Comparison of legal system of other countries

Comparison of legal system- Most of the countries are concern about cyber crimes. They want to lessen the crimes happening in the cyberspace. In Bangladesh we see that there are some laws... Read more »

Cyber crime reporting- Legal Response in Bangladesh

Cyber crime reporting- Cybernetics is the generic term of cyber law which means to resolve the issues of cyber crimes and legal consequences that are raised in the cyberspace due to having... Read more »

Cyber crime impact on society

Cyber crime is a big disorder for our society. With the advancement of technology, cyber crime is on the rise. This blog discusses the impact of cyber crime on society. Cyber Crime... Read more »

Trends in Cyber crimes

Trends in Cyber crimes- Being a global issues outlook is changing balancing with internet technology. We have made this technology for our well living but our creation is creating problems towards us... Read more »

Cyber Crime against Women

According to associate law professor Quazi MH Supan,” Definition of most crimes committed in worldwide real space is gender neutral although a significant number of crimes are committed mostly against women. The... Read more »

Causes of Cyber Crime

Causes of Cyber Crime- Cyber World is created for the benefit of mankind. Human being is benefited for cyber world. But there are some miscreants who are creating the world risky and... Read more »