Boni Amin presents the world to the Bengalis

Boni Amin is one of the best tourists in the world who was born in Bangladesh. He was born on 18 May 1959 in Charchenga village on Hatia Island in Noakhali district. Hatia Island is his birthplace but now he is an Australian citizen. He and his family have been living in Australia for almost 30 years. He immigrated to Australia in 1991. Later he became an Australian passport holder in 1994.

He passed SSC from Hatia High School in 1976 and later HSC from Chittagong Mohsin College. Boni Amin completed honors and masters in law from Chittagong University. He then received several certificates from Australia and was employed there as the first Bengali-speaking immigration lawyer. Boni Amin has worked in various fields in Australia. He is equally adept at writing, reading and speaking in several languages.

So far he has traveled to more than 50 countries, most of the time his wife Veronica Amin stays with him as a traveling companion.  

Boni is not only a tourist; he is a successful YouTuber who is very popular among Bengali speaking people all over the world.

YouTuber Boni Amin presents

Boni Amin has traveled the world and seen a lot. His world travels, his experiences he shares for his closest Bengali people in a different vibrant genre on YouTube. There are some magnetic parts in his presentation where he tries to show the corruption, anarchy, bad situation in Bangladesh. His perception of life teaches everyone to reach a unique height by overcoming all relative bigotry.

Boni Amin Presents

The current anarchic situation in Bangladesh makes him cry all the time. When he meets Bengali-speaking people in different parts of the world, he tries to find out the latest situation of Bengalis there. Boni Amin puts some special messages for Bengalis in his captured videos as well as entertainment.

Sometimes in his videos he portrays different contexts of Bangladesh in a diagonal satirical style and sometimes he tells the success story of Bengali for all.

From Boni Amin YouTube Channel

As I saw in the about section on his YouTube channel, he addressed all his virtual friends, saying, “Friends, I am truly an inhuman; I am no one in this world. I’m an ‘alien’ creature on the planet. You are all ‘human’ in my eyes.”

These words of Boni Amin were like my words. I also think I’m an alien. It seems to me that we humans have come to this earth from another planet in search of something new. We’ve explored the planet with our technology and discovered a lot. At one time we were faced with a natural disaster and decided to stay on this earth.

We look forward to going back to our mother planet with our technology. A closer look at nature reveals that no other creature in nature is trying to get out of the world, which is what humans are constantly doing with the information contained in their DNA.


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