DJ Bluethunder Premiere His New Track ‘Going Down’ on the 12th of August

DJ-Bluethunder-New-Massive-Release- One of the music industry’s brightest talents, DJ Bluethunder, will release his new single ‘Going Down’ on 12 August 2020. He is a successful music producer and a legendary DJ about to premiere his latest song on all the leading digital music streaming sites. This track is going to be his first second track in 2020.


About the Producer/ DJ Bluethunder

DJ Bluethunder is the stage name of Jerry. He is one of the most talented DJ and producer in the Netherlands who works in most popular EDM (Electronic Dance Music) genres like future house/bounce. This versatile young DJ has left his influential footprint in the house genres by earning millions of streams over the various music streaming sites.

Bluethunder Live Set @ Campus Party

His second to last solo ‘You Will Never Break Me’ has been a powerhouse anthem among the youth. With this song’s release, DJ Bluethunder has earned the crown of fame and popularity and established a secure place in the industry. In the last few months, his songs have crossed over 2 million streams over various digital platforms. Meanwhile, Jerry also gathered a lot of new fans. Bluethunder is also known for his positive attitude, mindfulness, and self-confidence. Even the outrageous outbreak of the COVID-19 has failed to break his morale, and Jerry remained firm. He still thinks positively and tries to do the most out of the resources and opportunities he has. We think Bluethunder’s tough mentality and positive attitude will help him overcome this pandemic situation and skyrocket his career growth.


About ‘Going Down’

DJ-Bluethunder-New-Massive-Release- As we have mentioned above, the title of Bluethunder’s upcoming track is ‘Going Down.’ People who are fond of the future house or bounce genre would love this song because the track is based on the same genres. People who prefer some other electronic dance music should also check out this piece because it features the greatest EDM elements. The track will be available on 12 August on the following platforms:

  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • Google Play
  • Deezer etc.

His last track, ‘On My Way To You’ was a massive hit. And it is expected that ‘Going Down’ will become its ideal successor. ‘You Will Never Break Me’ brought many new fans for DJ Bluethunder, and they have already started talking about his upcoming release. So far, ‘Going Down’ has become the town’s talk, and people over the internet are talking about it. So, it is not difficult to understand why DJ Bluethunder and his new track ‘Going Down’ is much-hyped.

DJ Bluethunder (AKA Jerry) has rapidly climbed the ladder of success since his debut. In the last few months, his tracks have crossed over 2 million streams. At the same time, Jerry has also got a lot of new fans. His latest track ‘Going Down’ is about to roll. Set a reminder for 12 August 2020 and get ready to go high with ‘Going Down.’ Save his track here: bluethunder/going-down-2

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