Crackdown inside lockdown in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of green nature. This year Bangladesh has celebrated 50 years of independence by overcoming various adversities. Lockdown is now underway across the country due to the deadly effects of the corona virus. We all know that the corona virus has spread all over the world very badly. In this case Bangladesh was a little exception. Due to the weather and geography in this country, the corona virus could not create such a bad situation from the beginning. But now the country’s administrative weakness, fragile economic situation and undemocratic government system have made the country a hotbed of corona virus. The dictatorial climate has been created in Bangladesh and the corona virus is acting as a tool of the government to oppress the common man. Many people think that crackdown is going on inside the lockdown in Bangladesh.

Undemocratic government system in Bangladesh

I considered a word in the first part. I have said that undemocratic government system has been introduced in Bangladesh. The present government of Bangladesh is being run under the guise of democracy and in the midst of the conventional constitution which is leading the country towards an autocratic state. Bangladesh is in the process of destroying democracy at the turn of development. In this country, the state system is being run by ignoring the people’s vote, occupying the electoral system and using the administrative system as a tool.

There is basically no effective opposition in the country. The opposition that is currently represented is mainly working under the auspices of the government and the implementation of various agendas of the government.

The BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party) is considered by the common people as an effective opposition party in Bangladesh who did not participate in the elections several times to change the electoral system. But despite being the party of choice for most of the people of Bangladesh, they have lost their existence amidst ineffective electoral system and administrative repression. Despite being the coveted party of the larger population, the present government does not seem to attach importance to it.

The present government of Bangladesh is using administrative force in the face of public outrage which is undemocratic. There is public resentment in various activities of the government but the government is taking administrative action against them as soon as it is revealed. Human rights are being violated in Bangladesh even worse than the Myanmar military government. Speaking against the government, the common man is being harassed in various ways including lawsuits under the ICT Act. Here even the privacy of the general public is being leaked in a dirty way.

Crackdown in Bangladesh

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of independence, the government of Bangladesh celebrated various events. Though most of the surviving heroic freedom fighters who participated in the war of independence of Bangladesh were not invited to the event, Bangladesh invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the event. But the people of Bangladesh strongly condemn the invitation of Narendra Modi. Originally, the people of Bangladesh never accepted the controversial steps of Narendra Modi and the oppression of Muslims, so they did not want to see him in the celebration of Bangladesh Independence Day.

But the Bangladesh government started cracking down on the common man so that Modi’s visit to Bangladesh would not be hampered. On the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence, the government killed more than 20 people with its administrative powers. That crackdown is still in force in Bangladesh. The government has illegally detained several leaders and activists of an organization called Hefazat-e-Islam. Hefazat-e-Islam is a one-time government-backed organization.

It is being reported in various local newspapers that the government is detaining and torturing some leaders of the student and youth society without any reason. Their only fault is that they have strongly condemned the various activities of the government and have marched in the streets.

BNP secretary general Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said the government’s police force are searching and arresting his party workers for no reason.

Ordinary people in Bangladesh think that the government is using the corona virus as a tool, has launched a nationwide lockdown and is secretly trying to suppress the movement by arresting dissidents.

This secret crackdown inside the lockdown has put ordinary people in danger in Bangladesh who are not able to carry out their daily work.

Deep dissatisfaction

Intense dissatisfaction is growing among the common people of Bangladesh against the government. Ordinary people are not willing to obey any rules of the government. The government has no influence on the people. Thousands of crores of Taka of corruption in various departments of the government, including the health sector, are constantly being reported in the media. The government is not able to deal with corruption in any way. How can the government prevent corruption where it is questionable to come to power?

The Bangladesh government has become increasingly frustrated with Al Jazeera‘s report on some “controversial individuals’ corruption and the mafia system of the Bangladesh government”.

In order to stay in power, the present government is using repressive policies which are leading Bangladesh to deep problems.

The Bangladeshi police administration is being criticized everywhere. The dissatisfaction of the Bangladesh Army against the present government is heard to be intense.

Which way is Bangladesh going?

Bangladesh is a country that has contributed to various international issues. There are still more than one million Myanmar residents in Bangladesh as refugees.

This country has sent its largest number of armies through the United Nations to fix the law and order situation in different countries of the world.

But it is a shame that there is a government in this country that is busy prolonging its power by ignoring the views of the masses.

Bangladesh has gone through many political ups and downs. Several military coups have been seen here to stop the irregularities of different governments. Ordinary people do not want to see the military coup. But it seems that Bangladesh is moving towards another such situation.

A country, a government, some so-called development cannot be an indicator of the development of that country. But my conscious eye can see in the case of the Bangladesh government that they are taking some so-called development as a measure of their survival in power.

It seems to me that the Bangladesh government is moving in a different direction during this terrible time which is hurting the people and leading Bangladesh to deeper problems.

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