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The first episode of the popular comedy Mr. Bean was first aired on British TV 30 years ago. This Mr. Bean became one of the most popular TV shows in the world. Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean Creator legend comedian in the planet shows a biggest comedy.

Its executive producer was his friend Peter Bennett-Jones.

Rowan Atkinson performed with a comedy group at Oxford University. His name was ‘The Oxford Review’. And Peter Bennett-Jones was a member of their rival comedy group at Cambridge University. It was called ‘The Footlights’. They first met in 1976 at the Edinburgh Festival.

After graduating, the two friends started working together, for theater and TV.

Mr. Bean’s name was first Mr. White. Later his name was Mr. Bean. In a 2003 interview, Rowan Atkinson said that one of the biggest inspirations was the character created by French comedian Jack Tati, Mr. Ulo.

Mr Bean comedy show

But the first to realize that such a show would really run on TV was Howard Davis, who then worked at ITV and was the former head of BBC Comedy. He initially devoted half an hour of ITV’s most expensive time to Mr. Bean. And from the day of the first promotion, Mr. Bean became extremely popular.

The first episode of Mr. Bean aired on January 1, 1990.

The character became known in a few days with his unkempt jacket, thick eyebrows, and untidy hair. Mr. Bean is something out of the ordinary.

His trousers are a little small in size; his jacket is not fashionable, his tie is also inappropriate. He’s kind of a little unusual, and what he’s doing with the people around him is absolutely weird.

Peter Bennett Jones said Mr. Bean has become popular with audiences of all ages and in so many countries because of its universality.

“Mr. Bean’s business can make everyone laugh. No education, no language is needed to understand his humor.”

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Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean

Rowan Atkinson played Mr. Bean. He was pursuing a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Oxford University. In his language Mr. Bean is a child living in the body of an adult human. As such, Mr. Bean’s thoughts are like those of a 9-year-old boy.

In a documentary, Rowan said Mr. Bean has a lot in common with his own life.

Although his life is very chaotic, he does not bother with them. He named the character “Bean” after naming more than one vegetable.

Mr. Bean’s childish bizarre behavior fascinates everyone so much. Each episode of the half-hour show Mr. Bean creates one complication after another in his daily life and the strange steps he takes to resolve it. He has no friends, only a teddy bear named “Teddy”.

He talks to Teddy in such a way that Teddy is alive and understands everything he says. Mr. Bean also has a small car. That car does not cause less trouble!

Throughout the series, Mr. Bean has rarely been heard to speak, but his extraordinary performances have brought pure joy to people of all ages.

Mr. Bean’s popularity was so high that two films were made about Mr. Bean after these series.

Mr. Bean’s Ultimate Disaster was first released in 1997, and Mr. Bean’s Holiday and his Diary were released in 2005. Mr. Bean’s Diary and Mr. Bean’s Pocket Diary are two books written about Mr. Bean. There are even computer games with him.

In November 2012, Rowan Atkinson announced his retirement from the role of Mr. Bean. “It’s no longer acceptable for a 50-year-old to be childish,” he told his audience.


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