Shirley Temple bio

Shirley Temple is one of the few women who have come to politics from acting.

The story of her life is very different from others.

There is a lot of similarity between the look of Temple and the look of Lindsay Lohan.

Temple was a child star. Until the age of 21, she acted in various films in Hollywood with great power.

Shirley Temple political life

At the age of 21, he moved out of the Hollywood world.

As much as she has achieved success in the Hollywood world, her position in the field of politics has not been so favorable.

Temple lost the Republican race for mayor of California.

However, she was able to overcome this defeat of political life very quickly.

President Richard Nixon appointed Temple as ambassador to Ghana.

During the reign of George W. Bush, she was appointed ambassador to Yugoslavia.

Shirley Temple became a successful diplomat through the world of film and political life.

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