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There is a big difference between professional blogs and amateur blogs. The difference is that there is such a difference in the age of an new child and his aged grandfather. It is true that a child becomes an adult according to the laws of nature. Likewise, an amateur blog writer can become a professional at some point.

What is amateur blogs?

Amateurblogs are basically annoying, misspelled and full of misinformation, unpleasant for readers. These blogs are not search engines friendly. However, in some cases, amateur blogs are able to win the heart of the reader for their simple, sublime description.

Amateur blog writers generally prefer to avoid the technical parts of the blog. Basically there are many of them who do not know how to write a blog perfectly. An author should write considering the reader’s preferences, and if that is the case, it is an online blog. However, an amateur blog writer usually has a tendency to ignore the words of the viewer’s choice.

Since a blog writer ignores the interests of the readers, the interest of the visitors in these blogs is very low.

The word choice and syntax of amateur blogs are often wrong. In some cases, misinformation comes to the fore. After the technical parts of the blog are not properly formatted, amateur blogs become unacceptable to search engines.

There are many blogging platforms online. Most platforms are completely free and easy to use.

I think, amateur blogs are created mainly due to the easy availability of blogging platform. Free plugins and various article writing tools and software are playing bad role to create amateur blog articles.

How can amateur blogs become professional?

An amateur blogger can write a professional blog, but most of their writing does not become search engine friendly due to lack of knowledge of some technical issues.

In many cases, professional bloggers also write amateur blogs.

professional blog writing

My simple view is that amateur blogger need to read more and more professional writing. If you want to write a professional blog, writers must keep an eye on the good writings.

Anyone can now establish themselves as a professional blogger by reading professional blogs online.

Writing a blog is not rocket science that cannot be done perfectly.

I hope any blogger can write with some technical knowledge if they have enough knowledge of language.

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