Dog fruit snacks – which fruit is bad for dog health?

Many people who have dogs as pets at home think about what to feed the dog for a balanced diet. Homemade food, packet food — or something else? Even after that many people ask, can fruits be fed to dogs, are fruits bad for dogs?

The dog doctor can decide whether to feed the dog home-made food or packaged food. In addition, food depends largely on the owner’s ability to spend. But the fruit is not so complicated.

Fruit for dog

Dogs can be fed fruit. Which fruit is better for dogs? Doctors say fruits like mangoes, bananas, apples could be given to dogs. However, in the beginning you have to see with a very small amount, whether he has any problem. If there is no acid or other problem, then fruit can be given regularly. Fruits has plenty of vitamins, which are good for dogs.

Fruits for dog

But one thing should be kept in mind, Fruits like bananas often get stuck in the esophagus of the dog and cause danger. So you have to peel the bananas and crush it.

Which fruit is bad for dog

Take a look at this time, which fruits can not be given to the dog. Berry fruit can cause dog acid. So it is better to avoid them. And grapes or raisins should be omitted. This results in certain ingredients that completely destroy the dog’s kidneys. After several months of continuous feeding, the dog’s kidneys may become paralyzed. And poisoning can lead to death

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